Saturday, 5 March 2011


Milla Jovovich the queen of the low-budget sci-fi film stars in this truly abysmal futuristic vampire flick.

Normally, I like to begin with a brief plot synopsis. Unfortunately the confused array of sequences which collectively comprise Ultraviolet are almost impossible to summarise coherently. The first 20 minutes are the film are an expository assault with the plot never seeming to play any function other than to provide Jovovich an excuse to wear tight fitting clothing and expose her midriff.

During one sub-Matrix action sequence Jovovich takes flight on a motorcycle whilst being pursued by a helicopter. Riding directly up the side of a skyscraper – reality has no function in this film – she evades a heavy bombardment of machinegun fire. Atop the building the gunner on the helicopter runs out of ammunition. Jovovich halts her flight before turning round and racing towards the chopper as the gunner tries desperately to reload.

Jovovich roars off the top of the building through the open sides of the helicopter. As she passes through the chopper she shoots the pilot and gunner dead, before crashing through into another building. For a then indeterminate reason the helicopter explodes.


The undoubted highlight of a charnel house of a film. However, you’re left thinking that it could have been so much better. The film is largely a special effects vehicle shot mostly in front of blue screen. This makes the sequence with the motorcycle flying through the chopper look more like a computer game. It doesn’t look real enough, and as a result falls a bit flat.

Relevance to plot

Reasonable. Though the choppers clearly didn’t have to be involved and were clearly only written in so the sequence could be shot.

Artistic merit

Poor. The explosion is z-grade CGI. It looks like a computer game. In fact I’ve seen BETTER in computer games.

Exploding helicopter innovation

Tricky one this. Definitely not seen this exact idea executed before. However, it bears uncanny similarities to this classic sequence from the straight to video action flick Stone Cold.


Redeemed an otherwise dull two hour mess of a project.


If you wanted to be harsh it’s a poorly executed Stone Cold rip-off.

Review by: Jafo

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  1. Ultraviolet..more like Ultrarubbish.

    If there were no tits in it you really did waste your time.