More Exploding Helicopter Films

We're obviously working as fast as we can to catalogue the entire exploding helicopter canon.

However, we're always hearing about films which we need to get round to viewing.

So, here we're keeping tabs on the movies whose fiery chopper delights we've yet to sample. If you think we need to add a film, then get in touch.

Roaring Fire (1982) This Japanese martial arts revenge actioner - is there any other kind? - features the mouth watering prospect of a helicopter being downed with a tomahawk axe.
Spotted by: Ninja Dixon

Creepies (2003) This z-grade creature feature - incidentally starring Ron Jeremy - sees fake helicopters battling even faker CGI giant spiders.
Spotted by: Outpost Zeta

APE (1976) Don't know anything about this film, other than it looks like a cheapo rip-off of King Kong set in Korea. What I do know is that the out-sized ape hurls a couple of choppers against a cliff destroying said whirlybirds.
Spotted by: Bad Movie Podcast

(2005) DTV nonsense featuring William Forsythe has a mad scientist fuse human and shark DNA in an experiment where clearly nothing could possibly go wrong. Surprisingly, the experiment creates a homicidal mutant, and in the ensuing mayhem not one, but two, helicopter get destroyed. A Bell and a Mi-8 HIP.
Spotted by: Bad Movie Podcast

Galaxis (1995) The eclectic cast for this low budget sci-fi romp includes Brigitte Nielsen, Sam Raimi, and Brit TV hardman Craig Fairbrass. The plot sees galactic forces come to Earth in search of some mysterious crystal, giving the perfect opportunity to detonate a helicopter.
Spotted by: Bad Movie Podcast

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) A South African comedy which features a bushman encountering modern day society. In a bizarre scene a helicopter is finally destroyed after much bungling with a bazooka. Warning: some bananas were harmed in filming this scene.
Spotted by: Phil Origami

Beyond The Call Of Duty (1992) Jan Michael Vincent stars in this 'namsploitation actioner about a group of American soldiers trapped behind enemy lines in Vietnam. Predictably there's some chopper fireball action in the film.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Escape From The Bronx (1983) or sometimes called The Bronx Warriors 2, this film is an Italian exploitation effort which mixes Escape From New York with The Warriors. According to my good buddy Ninja Dixon there's a cheapo exploding helicopter towards the end of the film.
Spotted by: Fred Anderson, Ex Ninja

Crooked (2006) this cop thriller has an absolutely stellar DTV cast of Don 'the dragon' Wilson, Gary Busey, Fred Williamson, Olivier Grunier and Martin Kove. Here's the trailer, the chopper fireball is towards the end.

Creepers (1993) or sometimes known as Contamination 7. Trouble ensues when a small town is attacked by - yes it's true - radioactive tree roots. As if that wasn't enough there's also a chopper fireball first - death by radioactive tree root. Here's the key scene.

Red Serpent (2003) Michael Pare plays a businessman caught up in a web of espionage and international intrigue and the target of a deadly assassin played by Roy Scheider. You can see the chopper fireball towards the end of the trailer. It look a good one as we're treated to a 'bullet cam' as the gunshot that destroys the helicopter makes its way towards its target.

Supersonic Man (1979) this low-grade Spanish Superman cash-in features our caped superhero battling a mad scientist who's created an all-powerful robot to commit his evil crimes. In the key scene the robot takes a helicopter, watch here.
Spotted by: Outpost Zeta

American Commandos (1986) there was an entire mini-genre of Philippines set Vietnam flicks made in the '80s. This one features a bunch of Vietnam vets sent to Asia to smash a drugs ring which just so happens to be run by another bunch of 'nam vets. The film treats us to the sight of a helicopter shot down by a machine gun. It's in the trailer here.

Midnight Warrior (1989) a journalist finds his life on the line when the TV ratings war turns deadly. You can see the helicopter explosion in the trailer. I love the inevitability of the helicopter explosion.

Artificial Telepathy aka Mindstorm (2001) if you've been waiting for Judge Reinhold to play a special forces commander then this is the film for you. Exploding helicopter fans can expect to be equally entertained by the two choppers that are destroyed by missiles from a fighter jet. You can see some of the chopper fireball action in the trailer.
Spotted by: Rotary Action

Mindstorm (2001) Yes, it's got the same title as the Judge Reinhold movie above and yes it's also got an exploding helicopter. This one looks fantastic. The pilot is subjected to psychic powers which cause him to nosedive his helicopter straight into the ground.
Spotted by: Doug Tilley from Eric Roberts Is The Fucking Man

Double Target (1987) Miles O'Keefe returns to Vietnam to stop terrorists and find his long lost son. Another in the seemingly endless supply of '80s 'namsploitation films. Predictably it contains an exploding helicopter which you can see in the trailer.

Jungle Assault (1989) two ex-soldiers are hired to rescue the kidnapped daughter of their old Army boss. Amidst the typical low-budget VHS action there's a ridiculous exploding helicopter scene. Pursued by a chopper one of the heroes grabs onto its skis. Firing at point blank range, the villain fails to hit the prone hero giving him time to toss a grenade into the copter and fall into a conveniently located lake. Watch here [skip to 1hr22m].

Wedlock (1991) After a genre defining turn in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, Rutger Hauer quickly cashed-in on the roles cache (cached-in, maybe?) and started churning out low grade sci-fi schlock. In a futuristic prison, the convicts - including Hauer - have explosive neck collars which will detonate if they escape. Suffice to say Rutger manages it and a chopper gets blown-up along the way which can be seen in the trailer.

Extreme Ops (2002) While shooting a snowboarding commercial, the film crew stumble across a group of terrorists who are in hiding. Can the extreme sports enthusiasts use their daredevil skills to outwit the terrorists in this ridiculous piece of nonsense. Joyously, there's a skiing related chopper fireball in the film, as one of gnarly ski-bums jumps over a helicopter on his skis and snarls up the rotor blades causing the whirlybird to crash. You can see it briefly in the trailer.

Kick (2014) An adrenaline junkie walks away from a whirlwind romance and embraces a new life as a thief, though he soon finds himself pursued by veteran police officer and engaged in a turf war with a local gangster. Or so says IMDB, so who are we to argue especially as we've not actually seen this film. However, we're reliably informed that a helicopter does indeed explode in it.
Spotted by: Bride of Crapula

Stranglehold (1994) when a nutcase terrorist (Vernon Wells) takes over a top chemical weapons facility (thought they were illegal under the Geneva Convention, but anyway) only one man (c) can save the day - world kickboxing champion Jerry Trimble. This slice of b-movie nonsense predictably features an exploding helicopter which you can see in the trailer.

Torrente 3 (2005) this Spanish cop spoof contains a brilliant exploding helicopter scene where the title's eponymous hero throws an axe at a chopper causing it to explode. Witness the action.

Raiders of Atlantis (1983) bonkers Italian cheapo exploitation flick which pits a bunch of adventurers against the descendants of Atlantis who want to take over the world. Or something. At one point theirs a shoot-out between our heroes on a lorry and baddies in a helicopter which results in the chopper being blown up.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Field Of Fire (1991) aka Battle Gear. Another jungle slog movie with David Carradine barking orders at people and blowing things up, including two helicopters. You can see them in the trailer here.

Firehawk (1993) the potential for exploding helicopter was always high in this 'namspolitation effort which sees Martin Kove lead an elite helicopter unit into enemy territory on a top secret mission. You can witness the chopper fireballs in the trailer.

Last Platoon (1988) Yup, it's another Italian produced Vietnam jungle slog. In this one a Vietnam vet heads back to 'nam to take on a dangerous mission to blow up a bridge. You can see a helicopter explode in the trailer.

Militia (2000) Dean Cain goes undercover in a group of right wing nutcases who want to kill the president with a missile loaded with Anthrax. The eclectic cast includes Jennifer Beals, Stacey Keach and chef out of Apocalypse Now. Not sure of the details of this exploding helicopter but it's likely this scene is stock footage from another movie.

The Exterminator 2 (1984) I don't know the details, but I am reliably informed that there's an exploding helicopter in this sequel to the vigilante classic.
Spotted by: 80s Picture House

The War Of The Gargantuas (1966) Japanese creature feature about a giant monster that goes on a foot stomping rampage. Along the way, said mutant destroys a helicopter.
Spotted by: Kevin Ferguson

Live By The Fist (1993) prison movie action flick starring Jerry Trimble and George 'Star Trek' Takei. Not sure of the exact circumstances, but Trimble can be clearly seen in the film's trailer blowing up a helicopter.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Satanic Crystals (1992) I know absolutely nothing about this film except from the fact I've watched the trailer and you can see a model helicopter being blown up.
Spotted by: Ninja Dixon

Special Forces (2000) missing scientists, dodgy arms deals, terrorists wanting nukes all feature in low budget actioner. There's also an exploding helicopter too.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (1987) I only know sparing details, but this horror sequel apparently contains an exploding helicopter by cause of mutant babies getting losing in a helicopter's cockpit.

Mission Terminate (1987) low budget actioner that melds together those two staples of the eighties video store, ninjas and Vietnam jungle slog.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Virtual Combat (1995) Don ‘the dragon’ Wilson stars in this a bunch of nonsense that seems to involve him fighting a bunch of virtual reality women who’ve somehow got loose from the digital world. Our hero blows up a helicopter by firing a pistol at it.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Indio 2 (1991) Marvin Hagler, the former marvelous boxer, is the star of this straight to video actioner. Apparently it features an unusual helicopter explosion, but I don't have more details than that I'm afraid.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Enthiran (2010) this Bollywood actioner is a cross between The Matrix and The Terminator and features a totally insane exploding helicopter that you can see in this clip.

The Tower (2012) this Korean Towering Inferno style thriller reportedly has an exploding helicopter in it.

Commander (1988) also known as The Last American Soldier, this is yet another in the seemingly inexhaustible supply of eighties Vietnam jungle slog movies. Reputed to have the most exploding huts of any 'namsploitation movie, the director also throws in an exploding helicopter for us to enjoy too.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

The Bermuda Depths (1978) this TV movie starring Carl Weathers includes the unusual sight of a helicopter being destroyed by a giant sea turtle.
Spotted by: From The Depths of DVD Hell

Pixels (2015) while this film does apparently feature an exploding helicopter, it also features Adam Sandler so we may never watch it.
Spotted by: From The Depths of DVD Hell

The Park Is Mine (1985) the brain melting premise of this film sees Tommy Lee Jones star as an unhinged Vietnam veteran who takes over Central Park to make a protest against the country's attitudes to soldiers.
Spotted by: From The Depths of DVD Hell

Ninja III: The Domination (1984) there's an early chopper fireball scene in this nuts mixture of a ninja movie crossed with The Exorcist and Flashdance.
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

If Looks Could Kill (1991) The villain tries to leave at the end in a silver Aérospatiale AS355 TwinStar, which crashes... then turns over sideways, causing the rotor section to come off and "chase" the heroes like a buzzsaw. This one is so spectacularly, idiotically awesome and goofy I'm surprised it isn't listed already.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Cage II (1994) The bad guy's would-be getaway copter, the trusty ol' Bell JetRanger, is shot down with a rocket launcher.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Deadly Encounter (1982) The bad guy and his henchmen all use helicopters in this flick. First, a JetRanger is blown up with a flare gun fired into the open door by the heroine, and later, a Sud-Aviation 315B Lama gets forced down into a cliff by biplanes.
Spotted by; Kooshmeister

Legion Of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998) The swarm of killer ants of the title attack a Bell 206 JetRanger's pilot, causing him to fly into a cliff, Sheena style.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Warrior of the Lost World (1983) The good guys, flying in an Aérospatiale AS350 Squirrel, are pursued by the villains in a Bell 47. A good guy in the Squirrel blows the Bell up with a rocket launcher real good.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Godzilla 1985 (1984) An Aérospatiale Alouette III news helicopter takes a blast from Godzilla's bad breath and falls onto a crowded freeway... setting off a chain reaction of explosions as car after car explodes in an ever-escalating fiery domino effect!
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Crocodile 2: Death Swamp (2002) - Mercenary Roland has a Bell 206B JetRanger III nicknamed Old Blue. It crashes after being pulled down by the giant crococdile, then after floating in the water for a bit with Roland still trapped inside it explodes.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989) - A few Bell AH-1 Cobras of the Japanese military attack Godzilla, and destroys a few of them.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995) - The G-Force's Hughes 369E gets wiped out by Destroyah's micro-oxygen breath weapon, forcing them to escape in an Aérospatiale AS350B Squirrel news copter that happens along.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

The Jewel of the Nile (1985) - When the good guys commandeer an F-16 from the villain's private air force, they have some... difficulties getting going. Specifically they can't seem to figure out how to take off, and so we get probably the only chase sequence involving a fighter jet that drives along the ground using its wheeled landing gear! Anyway, whilst indiscriminantly blasting everything around them in that oh-so-80s action movie way, Michael Douglas' heroic adventurer ends up hitting the villain's personal Aérospatiale AS355 Twin Squirrel sitting nearby, blasting it into bits.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Nowhere To Hide (1987) - The plot revolves around a conspiracy to cover up the existence of faulty engine components in JetRangers sold to the Marines. We really only get one crash though and the actual impact and explosion happens offscreen.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Telefon (1977) - A brainwashed man flies his pontoon-equipped JetRanger on a kamikaze mission against a US Navy radar base, but he gets shot down.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

The Protector (1985) - The hero, Jackie Chan, ramps a speedboat into a low-flying JetRanger, destroying it.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Narrow Margin (1990) - The bad guys attack the cabin of a mob witness (Anne Archer) when Gene Hackman's D.A. character comes to speak with her. Naturally, they do it from the air in a silver Bell 206B JetRanger II and can't hit anyone except Hackman's thoroughly expendable friend. Suddenly, the pilot of Hackman's helicopter (also a JetRanger II), parked outside, makes the rather ill-advised decsion to try and take off amid this, whereupon one of the gunmen promptly shoots at him until he falls from the sky and crashes. Boom! Stock footage of this scene was cribbed shamelessly for the '99 No Tomorrow.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

The Hitcher (1986) - In this film about a driver being tormented by a hitchhiking serial killer (Rutger Hauer), idiot local cops mistake the protagonist for the killer and make several inept attempts to kill him using a Bell 206B JetRanger III (Reg. N250CA, also used in Blue Thunder as a police copter and in Dreamscape as the President's copter). The killer, for whatever reason, decides to shoot the cops down from his speeding pickup with a handgun. I guess he hits the engine or whatever, because the JetRanger promptly drops from the sky and crashes real good.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

The Hitcher (2007) - A remake of the 1986 film. This time Sean Bean is the killer trying to thumb a ride. With a few exceptions, it's pretty much a straight remake, right down to the nincompoop coppers thinking the protagonists on a cross-country drive are the ones behind Bean's grisly murders. And once again, they come after them in a copper chopper, this time an Aérospatiale 355F2 Twin Squirrel. And yet again, our pursuing villain sees fit to intervene on his own victims' behalf, firing from his car (a black Smokey and the Bandit-like Trans Am, because nobody can drive ordinary cars in movies anymore). At least this time, the reason for the inevitable copter crash seems to be suggested, as it appears he hits the pilot.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Operation Rogue (2014) This Roger Corman produced jungle action slog features Mark Dacascos Treat Williams and an exploding helicopter.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

The Hard Way (1989) An Italian financed jungle slog movie starring Miles O'Keefe. As is par for the course with this action sub-genre lots of things get blown up including some helicopters.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

H-Bomb (1971) from what we know, which isn't a lot about this obscure film, is that it is completely bonkers.
Spotted by: Blueprint Reviews

China Strike Force (2000) cops team up to take on international drug smugglers in this stunt-tastic action fest.
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

Skin Trade (2014) after his family is killed a New York cop teams up with a Thai detective to seek revenge. A so-so action picture notable only for the fact it has He-man, Black Dynamite, Robocop & Hellboy all in the same film.
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

Operation Kokongoliro! (2016) dubbed The Ugandan Expendables this ultra-low budget action film seems to contain insane levels of enthusiastic (if not necessarily competent) fights and stunts. It also features what could well be a contender for the worst ever exploding helicopter. I hesitate to call it CGI as it's not clear that the effects were actually generated on a computer. Witness the trailer here.

The Kill Reflex (1989 or as it is sometimes called Soda Cracker is a cop thriller starring blaxsploitation legend Fred Williamson. There's unusual exploding helicopter action in this one as Williamson uses his handgun to blow up model helicopters.
Spotted by: Bulletproof Action

Breaker Breaker (1977) Chuck Norris is one mean mother trucker in this HGV themed action flick. Predictably there's a lorry based chopper fireball when a semi plows into a helicopter.
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

Ten: The Secret Mission (2016) this Indonesian actioner features a team of deadly female assassins who have to rescue a high profile hostage. There's a chopper fireball in the trailer.

Hologram Man (1995) a PM Entertainment actioner so alongside the requisite car-flipping action there's an exploding helicopter to enjoy that's taken out with a rocket launcher. You can watch it in the trailer. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot that the footage of helicopter exploding was previously used in Firepower (1993).

To Be The Best (1993) another of the endless supply of tournament punch-fighter movies that came out during the Eighties and Nineties. Confirmation of the chopper fireball does need to be obtained, but we believe this does feature one.

Cross Mission (1988) Italian financed b-movie jungle slog with an El Presidente plot line. There's needless torture, exploding huts and of course an exploding helicopter.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews.

Deadly Ransom (1998) villains make the mistake of the kidnapping the fiancee of one of America's most deadly soldiers. During the rescue a helicopter is shot down by a rocket launcher.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Bulletproof (1988) Gary Busey stars as a 'cop on the edge' who has to stop terrorists getting their hands on a new prototype tank. Busey shoots down a chopper in one scene.

Solo (1996) Mario Van Peebles stars in this Terminator/Universal Soldier rip-off. There's a juicy looking chopper fireball when a pilot flies into a cliff. You can see it in the trailer.

Steel (1997) Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal unwisely attempted to become an actor in this notoriously rubbish superhero movie. Alongside the terrible acting and ropey special effects there is at least an exploding helicopter to enjoy. Watch it in the trailer.
Spotted by: Lair of the Unwanted

Guardians (2017) upcoming Russian superhero movie - which bears suspicious similarities to The Avengers - features an exploding helicopter in its latest trailer.

The Protector (2005) aka Warrior King. Tony Jaa stars in this martial arts movie which has a puzzling plot that centres on elephant kidnapping. Still, action movie sanity is restored when a helicopter is destroyed by speedboat the crashes int one.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

AmeriGeddon (2016) in a plot that could have been ripped from the headlines, terrorists aligned with that notorious vipers nest the United Nations aim to take over America. Fortunately, there's a bunch of gun-toting right-wing fruitcakes, erm sorry, patriots ready to save the country. The film ends with a helicopter battle in which the evil UN chopper gets blown up by an air-to-air molotov cocktail.

Crackerjack (1994) you've made a rubbish Die Hard knock-off set in a ski resort with the bloke out of Karate Kid 3. What can you add to the film to try and make people watch it? An exploding helicopter of course.

Crackerjack 2 (1997) Thomas Ian Griffith didn't fancy returning for this DVD sequel so the martial arts action star is curiously replaced Judge Reinhold for this Under Siege 2 knock-off. Double chopper fireball in this bad boy.

Final Score (1986) after his wife and son are murdered Chris Mitchum goes on cinema's wildest, most unrestrained killing spree of revenge. The film ends in suitably over the top fashion with Mitchum riding a motorcyle off the top of a building, through a hovering helicopter just so he can drop a grenade into the fuselage blowing the whole thing up: classic.

End Of The World (2013) a group of Apocalyptic fanatics must use their knowledge of apocalyptic movies to save the world from a devastating solar flare. At one point a helicopter is destroyed by some strange falling comet thing.

The Mighty Quinn (1989) Denzel Washington plays a cop on a Caribbean Island who finds himself accused of murder and theft. Can the lawman clear his own name. Apparently there's a chopper fireball in there somewhere.
Spotted by: Kevin L Ferguson

Firepower (1993) Gary Daniels is a cop, in the future, who goes undercover to break-up an illegal (?1) AIDs vaccine ring which happens (fortunately for Mr Daniels) to be centered around an punchfighter contest. Somewhere within the mayhem a helicopter is exploded by a laser weapon. You can see it in the amazing trailer. The footage of the helicopter exploding in this film is reused in Hologram Man.

Sweet Revenge (1987) white slavery, counterfeit perfume, kidnapping are just some of the seemingly random elements thrown together in this VHS actioner whose sole purpose seems to be to have Nancy Allen and Gina Gershon run around firing machinguns in the Philippines.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Silent Trigger (1996) Dolph Lundgren plays a hitman who believes he's been double-crossed in this thriller directed by Russell Mulcahy. Dolph blows up a chopper by killing the pilot with his sniper's rifle.

Akira (1988) this Japanese animation was supposedly heavily influential. To us it consists of a lot of people shouting "Canada". Unfortunately it features an exploding helicopter so I guess one day we'll have to review it.

Lady Terminator (1989) An Indonesian spirit uses the body of her enemy's granddaughter to fulfill a 100-year-old curse of death and destruction. Low budget and insane Terminator rip-off which features a chopper fireball.

Meltdown (1995) aka High Risk Jet Li stars in this Die Hard inspired actioner. The film also has a subversive subplot involving a not so subtle dig at Jackie Chan (with whom the director had fallen out). In the film's key sequence the hero crashes a helicopter into the side of a skyscraper. The fuselage continues sliding across the floor before eventually exploding.

Blazing Magnum (1976) aka Shadows In An Empty Room. The great Italian schlock master Alberto De Martino directs this Euro-policier. It ends with the hero using his big hand-cannon to blow up a chopper.

Detention (2003) the plot can most easily be summarised as Die Hard in a school with Dolph Lundgren as the special ops guy turned teacher taking on terrorists. In among the school homework and dodgy dinners there's an exploding helicopter tacked into the action.

Godzilla Resurgence (2017) the Big G mashes up another helicopter in the Toho studio reboot.

Storks (2016) as unlikely as it seems, apparently this children's animation about babies features an exploding helicopter.
Spotted by: Bride of Crapula

The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) wise-cracking variation on the whole buddy cop genre featuring the dread pairing of Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds.
Spotted by: Bob Eagle

Furious 7 (2015) the climax of the film features a predictably ridiculous exploding helicopter. Vin Diesel's car performs a corkscrew jump during which he is able to dangle an arm out the window and hook a bag filled with explosives of the landing skis of a hovering helicopter.

The Saint (2017) TV movie continuation of the Simon Templar character, notable only for the appearance of former screen Saints Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy. About half way a helicopter crashes, before exploding a few moments later.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978) there appears to be an exploding helicopter in this horror parody. We still need to fully confirm whether it counts, but it would be the first know helicopter destroyed by tomato if so.

Kill And Kill Again (1981) goofy looking American martial arts fest features a so-so exploding helicopter. But before the chopper fireball a character holds the rotor blades on the helicopter stopping them from turning.
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

The Incredibles (2004) A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world. Towards the end of the movie there's an exploding helicopter.

Red Dawn (1984) Exploding Helicopter has not verified this, but we're informed that there's a chopper fireball in this Eighties classic.

Missing In Action (1984) The Chuck Norris classic features a Vietnam helicopter blow-up.

Braddock: Missing In Action III (1988) abandoning the continuity of the first two films, Chuck returns to 'nam to rescue a bunch of Ameriasian children. At the end of the film the main baddie is killed in an exploding helicopter when it is shot by Norris and crashes to the ground.

Bermuda Tentacles (2014) Air Force One crashes into the Bermuda Triangle awakening a sea beast which ends up destroying a helicopter.

Bigfoot (2012) a TV movie version of the hunt for the big beast. Features Alice Cooper and an exploding helicotper.

Dhoom 2 (2006) Bollywood buddy cop flick with a spectacular exploding helicopter. Our heroes jump over a parked helicopter on a motorcycle and drop grenades on it to blow it up.

Fire Twister (2015) horrendously bad, made-for-cable disaster movie starring Casper Van Dien. Towards the end of the film the villain tries to make a getaway in a helicopter, but it flies to close to the fire twister and explodes.

Hanky Panky (1982) Gene Wilder stars and Sidney Poitier directs this espionage comedy.
Spotted by: Forgotten Filmcast

Game Over, Man (2018) after scrolling through the entire film I can confirm that this Die Hard parody does indeed feature an exploding helicopter.

Yakuza Weapon (2011) Japanese comedy horror that features a CGI helicopter being blown up by a grenade launcher.
Spotted by: Rotary Action

Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010) Cult low-budget Ugandan action movie features an almost comically bad exploding helicopter.

Warrior Of The Lost World (1983) Italian action movie that features a Bell 47 being shot down by a rocket launcher.

Wer (2013) in this French werewolf movie, a policeman is thrown into the rotor blades of the helicopter causing it to crash into the ground and explode.

Mighty Peking Man (1977) another exploitation movie rushed out to cash-in on the Kong Kong remake from the previous year. At the end of the film, the giant ape swats away an attacking helicopter which bursts into flame, then crashes and explodes.

Afghanistan - The Last War Bus (1989) Italian action exsploitation flick sees soldiers try to get out of Afghanistan aboard an A-Team-style modified bus. There's an exploding helicopter along the way.

Avengers Infinity War (2018) or so I'm told by a reliable source.

Dragon Hunt (1990) real life martial artist twins, play martial artist twins in this infamously daft action flick. Features chopper fireball action.
Spotted by: Doug Tilley

Riot (1996) Gary Daniels is inexplicably teamed with Sugar Ray Leonard to rescue the daughter of the British Ambassador who's been kidnapped by terrorists.
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

Hard Vice (1994) an erotic thriller starring Sam 'Flash Gordon' Jones and Shannon Tweed. If that doesn't sound exciting enough it's got an exploding helicopter in it.
Spotted by: Forgotten Filmcast

Future Force (1989) David Carradine plays a bounty hunter trying to restore law and order and in a dystopian future. Directed by the same guy who made Deadly Prey and the film features a chopper blow up by way of a bazooka.
Spotted by: Arlos Dad

Skyscraper (2018) there's a chopper blow-up in Dwayne Johnson's Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno mash-up.

Aatank (1996) Bollywood film about a a small Indian fishing community discovers black pearls in their little part of the ocean, a local gangster orders his men to collect them all, unsettling the delicately balanced ecosystem. There's an insane shark related exploding helicopter in this film.

Our Kind Of Traitor (2016) a sabotaged helicopter starts to spiral downwards in the sky before it explodes. Wonderfully directed scene manages to make this chopper fireball seem like a work of art.

The Meg (2018) two competing news helicopters are trying to film the titular megaladon. For unexplained reasons, the pilots seem unable to concentrate on where they are flying and crash into one another. One helicopter falls into the sea and doesn't explode, while the other crashes into a ship where it properly detonates.

Biggles: Adventures In Time (1986) a helicopter is sent back in time to World War 1 where it gets blown up by a German bi-plane.

To The Limit (1993) action movie drivel starring Anna Nicole Smith. Features 2 exploding helicopters.

Shaft's Big Score! (1972) everyone's favourite private dick returns for another round of cool crime fighting. At the end of the film Shaft shoots down a bothersome chopper with a rifle.
Spotted by: Sudden Double Deep

Robowar (1988) Bruno Mattei's notorious Predator rip-off features an exploding helicopter.

Ring Of Fire III (1995) Don 'the Dragon' Wilson stars and gets to shoot down a helicopter with a pistol as he is dangling from the rooftop of a skyscraper.
Spotted by: Chaton Pute

Never Say Die (1988) New Zealand action comedy starring Norm from Cheers. Reportedly has an exploding helicopter at the finale.
Spotted by: Jim Winchester

Hollywood Boulevard (1976) satire on low budget genre filmmaking reportedly features an exploding helicopter.
Spotted by: Film Illiterates

Hollywood Boulevard 2 (1989) sequel to the aforementioned film, also features an exploding helicopter which is blown up by a bomb disguised as a mechanical wind-up dog toy.
Spotted by: Film Illiterates 

Maximum Force (1992) Joseph Merhi directed PM Entertainment action flick with an amazing cast starring Flash Gordon, Roper, Billy, and erm, Mickey Rooney.
Spotted by: Pod Hard

Deadly Target (1994) After Gary Daniels fails to shoot down a helicopter with a pistol an ally uses the gun aboard a warship to complete the job.
Spotted by: Chaton Pute

Bail Out aka WB Blue And Bean (1989) David Hasslehoff and Linda Blair star in this TV movie about bounty hunters. At the climax of the film The Hoff takes out a chopper with a grenade launcher.

Mad Mission IV: You Never Die Twice (1986) a helicopter pursuing a speedboat comes into hover just over the surface of a river. This allows the speedboat to race towards the chopper, jump from the water and knock out its tail rotor. The damaged whirlybird then crashes into a cliff face.

First Strike (1996) This Jackie Chan film features two exploding helicopters.
Spotted by: Top Film Tip

Race For The Yankee Zephyr (1981) adventure movie which sees a helicopter pilot try to salvage gold from an old WWII plane at the bottom of a lake. The film features a helicopter blowing up in circumstances we are not yet certain of.
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Operation Red Sea (2018) apparently there's an exploding helicopter near the beginning of the film.

Man On The Roof (1976) a cult Swedish action film is rumoured to include an exploding helicopter, although whether it actually explodes needs to be verified.

The Crazies (1973) apparently there is a very poor, unexciting, slightly offscreen exploding helicopter in this. We still need to verify this one.
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Kill Zone (1993) David Carradine stars and Ciro H Santiago directs this Vietnam exploding hutter. A parked helicopter gets blown up at some point in the film.

Small Soldiers (1998) Joe Dante's subversive artificially intelligent toys film features a toy helicopter crashing into a satellite dish.

Sahara (2005) Matthew McConaughey stars in this action adventure movie which features an outstanding exploding helicopter. The rom-com legend is in an old fort and fires an ancient cannon at a pesky helicopter. The cannonball smashes through the cockpit glass of the chopper before rolling to a halt in the back of the aircraft. The pilots think they've escaped worse damage, but then the fuse on the cannonball burns out and the metal projectile explodes.
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King Kong: Skull Island (2017) the over-sized ape beats up about 6 helicopters.

The Incredibles 2 (2018) yup, it's got one too. Or so we're told.

Supreme Sanction (1999) straight to DVD thriller starring Michael Madsen who delivers a highly engaged performance demonstrating how invested he is in the material (JOKING!). Shockingly, the film recycles the exploding helicopters from the Nic Cage film Firebirds - tst, tsk, tsk.

Bolt (2008) word on the street is that there are two exploding helicopters inside the first 10 minutes.

Heaven's Fire (1999) Eric Roberts is pitted against Jurgen Prochnow's terrorist in this Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno mish-mash. Near the start of a film a helicopter crashes into the side of a skyscraper causing the inferno that traps our heroes.

General Commander (2018) another sorry mess of a Steven Seagal film that also sadly features an exploding helicopter.

No Tomorrow (1999) A major arms deal is going down, and three desperate characters are trying to get in on it. DTV legends Gary Busey, Gary Daniels, Jeff Fahey and rapper turned moviemaker Master P star in this action B-flick. There are two exploding helicopters in this film. The one where the helicopter plummets nose first into the ground is actually stock footage taken from the film Narrow Margin (1990).

High Ice (1980) mountain rescue action drama featuring David 'The Fugitive' Janssen. In the film's pivotal scene, a helicopter crashes into the side of the mountain and explodes.

Black Panther Warriors (1993) Korean action flick. Towards the end of the film, someone picks up a rocket launcher and blows a helicopter out of the sky.

Mission Kill (1986) Robert Ginty stars in this South American jungle slog. During the film he uses a rocket launcher to blow up a helicopter.

Northville Cemetary Massacre (1976) local townsfolk get vigilante on the ass of a sadistic biker gang.

Silent Action (1975) a police helicopter gets shot down as it confronts criminals.

Professional Golgo 13 (1983) a helicopter crashes into the side of a skyscraper in this Japanese animation.

Raw Justice (1994) after the pilot jumps out, a helicopter crashes into the side of a skyscraper.

The Silencers (1995) another classic slice of Nineties PM Entertainment goodness. A helicopter crashes into a lorry.

Charlie's Angels (2000) I have no details, only the dim recollection that this information is correct.

Soldier Boyz (1995) this Vietnam throwback with Michael Dudikoff sees a helicopter destroyed after someone uses a remote control to detonate an explosive on a helicopter.

Assault On Devil's Island (1997) helicopter death by rocket launcher.

Firepower (1979) James Coburn plants a bomb on a helicopter.

American Heist (2014) a helicopter blows up after crashing into the side of a building then falling to the street below.

Cat Run 2 (2014) suspected explosion needs to be properly confirmed.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2013) suspected, needs to be confirmed.

When Time Ran Out (1980) helicopter destroyed by flying piece of volcanic rock.

Undead (2003) suspected, needs confirmation.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) not looking forward to reviewing this one.

Sweepers (1998) appears to be a crash after the pilot is shot dead.

Spriggan (1998) suspected, needs confirmation.

Special Forces (2003) suspected, needs confirmation.

Retrograde (2004) Dolph Lundgren takes out a helicopter with a handgun.

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) suspected, needs confirmation.

The Pacifier (2005) suspected, needs confirmation.

Operation Delta Force (1997) suspected, needs confirmation.

Octopus (2000) suspected, needs confirmation.

No Way Back (1995) suspected, needs confirmation.

Moon 44 (1990) Confirmed. Some sort of laser weapon destroys a futuristic helicopter.

Killers (2010) suspected, needs confirmation.

The Hunt For The Hidden Relic (2002) can be briefly glimpsed in the trailer. Method of destruction unknown.

Ice (1994) a helicopter explodes after a bomb that's onboard detonates.

Genocyber (1994) suspected, needs confirmation.

Special Forces (2011) suspected, needs confirmation.

Seal Team Six (2012) suspected, needs confirmation.

Far Cry (2008) suspected, needs confirmation.

Falcon Down (2001) suspected, needs confirmation.

Dragon Wars: D War (2007) a dragon bites on a helicopter then tosses it to the ground where it explodes on impact.

Dreamcatcher (2003) Morgan Freeman's helicopter crashes into the ground after the tail rotor is shot-out. Earlier in the film a couple of helicopters are 'consumed' by a disintegrating alien spaceship. However, the whirlybirds DO NOT explode to our satisfaction, so we do not count them.

The Domino Killings (1977) Gene Hackman stars in this Seventies conspiracy thriller which sees a helicopter blown up with an exploding suitcase.

Death Train (1993) aka Detonator. Confirmed exploding helicopter, but the exact circumstances are unknown (because we've not watched it yet).

Cybertracker (1994) rocket launcher. What more do you need to know?

The Naked Gun 33 1/3 (1994) This one sounds spectacular and involves a toilet.

This Is The End (2013) suspected, needs confirmation.

Quiet Fire (1991) the hero sticks some explosives to the helicopter which he then uses to explode the aircraft.

Best Defense (1984) suspected.

Bridge Of Dragons (1999) the trailer certainly suggests there's an exploding helicopter.

Catchfire (1990) aka Backtrack. Dennis Hopper stars and directs this thriller which includes a helicopter chase where the pursuing aircraft crashes into a cliff and explodes.

Casshern (2004) suspected.

The Chase (1994) Kristy Swanson shoots a parked helicopter with a pistol which then explodes.

The Crow: Salvation (2000) A helicopter is caught up in another explosion and subsequently explodes.

Alien Siege (2018) The Asylum do Independence Day again. Exact details unknown, but my Dad told me this has one in.

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001) Godzilla swats another monster with his tail sending it flying into a helicopter which then explodes.

Red Mob (1992) this Russian made action movie promises to destroy 17 helicopters and 42 vehicles during its runtime. The incredible trailer certainly makes it look like that's true. We're giving tracking down this film our top priority.
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Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) I'm reliably informed this includes an off-camera exploding helicopter.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) we're reliably informed that this film includes "too many to count".

Sukeban Deka (1987) This incredible Japanese film includes a scene where a helicopter is downed by a yo-yo.

Fast Gun (1988) A helicopter explodes after being shot by a pistol.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) It has been reported to me that the finale features two exploding helicopters.

The Wolf's Call (2019) A French submarine thriller that is reported to also include an exploding helicopter.

The Unthinkable (2018) Needs confirmation.

Wrong Is Right (1982) this media and political satire includes an exploding helicopter when a terrorist's chopper is blown-up by police.

Icebreaker (2000) suspected, needs confirmation.

The Last Of The Finest (1990) aka Blue Heat. This rogue cop thriller starring Brian Dennehy features an exploding helicopter at its climax.

The Diamond Mercenaries (1975) aka Killer Force. Telly Savalas, Peter Fonda, Christopher Lee and OJ Simpson star in this diamond mine heist film. Another unaccountably explosive helicopter perishes when it's fired on by a pistol.