More Exploding Helicopter Films

We're obviously working as fast as we can to catalogue the entire exploding helicopter canon.

However, we're always hearing about films which we need to get round to viewing.

So, here we're keeping tabs on the movies whose fiery chopper delights we've yet to sample. If you think we need to add a film, then get in touch.

Roaring Fire (1982) This Japanese martial arts revenge actioner - is there any other kind? - features the mouth watering prospect of a helicopter being downed with a tomahawk axe.
Spotted by: Ninja Dixon

Creepies (2003) This z-grade creature feature - incidentally starring Ron Jeremy - sees fake helicopters battling even faker CGI giant spiders.
Spotted by: Outpost Zeta

APE (1976) Don't know anything about this film, other than it looks like a cheapo rip-off of King Kong set in Korea. What I do know is that the out-sized ape hurls a couple of choppers against a cliff destroying said whirlybirds.
Spotted by: Bad Movie Podcast

(2005) DTV nonsense featuring William Forsythe has a mad scientist fuse human and shark DNA in an experiment where clearly nothing could possibly go wrong. Surprisingly, the experiment creates a homicidal mutant, and in the ensuing mayhem not one, but two, helicopter get destroyed. A Bell and a Mi-8 HIP. One of the helicopter explosions reuses footage from Dolph Lundgren's Bridge Of Dragons.
Spotted by: Bad Movie Podcast

Galaxis (1995) The eclectic cast for this low budget sci-fi romp includes Brigitte Nielsen, Sam Raimi, and Brit TV hardman Craig Fairbrass. The plot sees an other dimension villain come to Earth in search of a mysterious crystal, giving him the perfect opportunity to detonate a helicopter using an energy bolt that he's able to generate.
Spotted by: Bad Movie Podcast

The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) A South African comedy which features a bushman encountering modern day society. In a bizarre scene a helicopter is finally destroyed after much bungling with a bazooka. Warning: some bananas were harmed in filming this scene.
Spotted by: Phil Origami

Beyond The Call Of Duty (1992) Jan Michael Vincent stars in this 'namsploitation actioner about a group of American soldiers trapped behind enemy lines in Vietnam. Three helicopters are blown up in this film, the first by a hidden bomb, the second by a tank, while the third and final one is destroyed by JMV himself using a machinegun.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Escape From The Bronx (1983) or sometimes called The Bronx Warriors 2, this film is an Italian exploitation effort which mixes Escape From New York with The Warriors. According to my good buddy Ninja Dixon there's a cheapo exploding helicopter towards the end of the film.
Spotted by: Fred Anderson, Ex Ninja

Crooked (2006) this cop thriller has an absolutely stellar DTV cast of Don 'the dragon' Wilson, Gary Busey, Fred Williamson, Olivier Grunier and Martin Kove. Here's the trailer, the chopper fireball is towards the end. Mr Wilson gets to blow it up with a grenade launcher.

Creepers (1993) or sometimes known as Contamination 7. Trouble ensues when a small town is attacked by - yes it's true - radioactive tree roots. As if that wasn't enough there's also a chopper fireball first - death by radioactive tree root. Here's the key scene.

Red Serpent (2003) Michael Pare plays a businessman caught up in a web of espionage and international intrigue and the target of a deadly assassin played by Roy Scheider. You can see the chopper fireball towards the end of the trailer. It look a good one as we're treated to a 'bullet cam' as the gunshot that destroys the helicopter makes its way towards its target.

Supersonic Man (1979) this low-grade Spanish Superman cash-in features our caped superhero battling a mad scientist who's created an all-powerful robot to commit his evil crimes. In the key scene the robot takes a helicopter, watch here.
Spotted by: Outpost Zeta

American Commandos (1986) there was an entire mini-genre of Philippines set Vietnam flicks made in the '80s. This one features a bunch of Vietnam vets sent to Asia to smash a drugs ring which just so happens to be run by another bunch of 'nam vets. The film treats us to the sight of a helicopter shot down by a machine gun. It's in the trailer here.

Midnight Warrior (1989) a journalist finds his life on the line when the TV ratings war turns deadly. You can see the helicopter explosion in the trailer. I love the inevitability of the helicopter explosion.

Artificial Telepathy aka Mindstorm aka Project: Human Weapon (2001) if you've been waiting for Judge Reinhold to play a special forces commander then this is the film for you. Exploding helicopter fans can expect to be equally entertained by the two choppers that are destroyed by missiles from a fighter jet. You can see some of the chopper fireball action in the trailer.
Spotted by: Rotary Action

Mindstorm (2001) Yes, it's got the same title as the Judge Reinhold movie above and yes it's also got an exploding helicopter. This one looks fantastic. The pilot is subjected to psychic powers which cause him to nosedive his helicopter straight into the ground.
Spotted by: Doug Tilley from Eric Roberts Is The Fucking Man

Double Target (1987) Miles O'Keefe returns to Vietnam to stop terrorists and find his long lost son. He destroys two helicopters in the film, the first with his machinegun, the second with a grenade launcher.

Jungle Assault (1989) two ex-soldiers are hired to rescue the kidnapped daughter of their old Army boss. Amidst the typical low-budget VHS action there's a ridiculous exploding helicopter scene. Pursued by a chopper one of the heroes grabs onto its skis. Firing at point blank range, the villain fails to hit the prone hero giving him time to toss a grenade into the copter and fall into a conveniently located lake. Watch here [skip to 1hr22m].

Wedlock (1991) After a genre defining turn in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, Rutger Hauer quickly cashed-in on the roles cache (cached-in, maybe?) and started churning out low grade sci-fi schlock. In this futuristic prison movie, Hauer uses an explosive from one of the prison's deadly neck collars to blow up a helicopter. You can see it in the trailer.

Extreme Ops (2002) While shooting a snowboarding commercial, the film crew stumble across a group of terrorists who are in hiding. Can the extreme sports enthusiasts use their daredevil skills to outwit the terrorists in this ridiculous piece of nonsense. Joyously, there's a skiing related chopper fireball in the film, as one of gnarly ski-bums jumps over a helicopter on his skis and snarls up the rotor blades causing the whirlybird to crash. You can see it briefly in the trailer.

Kick (2014) An adrenaline junkie walks away from a whirlwind romance and embraces a new life as a thief, though he soon finds himself pursued by veteran police officer and engaged in a turf war with a local gangster. Or so says IMDB, so who are we to argue especially as we've not actually seen this film. However, we're reliably informed that a helicopter does indeed explode in it.
Spotted by: Bride of Crapula

Stranglehold (1994) when a nutcase terrorist (Vernon Wells) takes over a top chemical weapons facility (thought they were illegal under the Geneva Convention, but anyway) only one man (c) can save the day - world kickboxing champion Jerry Trimble. This slice of b-movie nonsense predictably features an exploding helicopter which you can see in the trailer.

Torrente 3 (2005) this Spanish cop spoof contains a brilliant exploding helicopter scene where the title's eponymous hero throws an axe at a chopper causing it to explode. Witness the action.

Raiders of Atlantis (1983) bonkers Italian cheapo exploitation flick which pits a bunch of adventurers against the descendants of Atlantis who want to take over the world. Or something. At one point theirs a shoot-out between our heroes on a lorry and baddies in a helicopter which results in the chopper being blown up.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Field Of Fire (1991) aka Battle Gear. Another jungle slog movie with David Carradine barking orders at people and blowing things up. Two choppers get destroyed in this. The first with a rocket launcher, the second with what appears to be a single shot from a machinegun. You can see them in the trailer here.

Firehawk (1993) the potential for exploding helicopter was always high in this 'namspolitation effort which sees Martin Kove lead an elite helicopter unit into enemy territory on a top secret mission. You can witness the chopper fireballs in the trailer.

Last Platoon (1988) Yup, it's another Italian produced Vietnam jungle slog. In this one a Vietnam vet heads back to 'nam to take on a dangerous mission to blow up a bridge. You can see a helicopter explode in the trailer.

Militia (2000) Dean Cain goes undercover in a group of right wing nutcases who want to kill the president with a missile loaded with Anthrax. The eclectic cast includes Jennifer Beals, Stacey Keach and chef out of Apocalypse Now. Not sure of the details of this exploding helicopter but it's likely this scene is stock footage from another movie.

The Exterminator 2 (1984) a street punk shoots a flare gun at a police helicopter causing it to blow up and crash to the ground. We later get a cool shot of the pilot burning alive in the wrecked cockpit - assuming you like that kind of thing.
Spotted by: 80s Picture House

The War Of The Gargantuas (1966) Japanese creature feature about a giant monster that goes on a foot stomping rampage. Along the way, said mutant destroys two helicopters by grabbing them out of the air and throwing them to the ground. 
Spotted by: Kevin Ferguson

Live By The Fist (1993) prison movie action flick starring Jerry Trimble and George 'Star Trek' Takei. Not sure of the exact circumstances, but Trimble can be clearly seen in the film's trailer blowing up a helicopter.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Satanic Crystals (1992) I know absolutely nothing about this film except from the fact I've watched the trailer and you can see a model helicopter being blown up.
Spotted by: Ninja Dixon

Special Forces (2000) missing scientists, dodgy arms deals, terrorists wanting nukes all feature in low budget actioner. There's also an exploding helicopter too.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

It's Alive III: Island of the Alive (1987) I only know sparing details, but this horror sequel apparently contains an exploding helicopter by cause of mutant babies getting losing in a helicopter's cockpit.

Mission Terminate (1987) low budget actioner that melds together those two staples of the eighties video store, ninjas and Vietnam jungle slog.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Virtual Combat (1995) Don ‘the dragon’ Wilson stars in this a bunch of nonsense that seems to involve him fighting a bunch of virtual reality women who’ve somehow got loose from the digital world. Our hero blows up a helicopter by firing a pistol at it.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Indio 2 (1991) Marvin Hagler, the former marvelous boxer, is the star of this straight to video actioner. Apparently it features an unusual helicopter explosion, but I don't have more details than that I'm afraid.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Enthiran (2010) this Bollywood actioner is a cross between The Matrix and The Terminator and features a totally insane exploding helicopter that you can see in this clip.

The Tower (2012) this Korean Towering Inferno style thriller reportedly has an exploding helicopter in it.

Commander (1988) also known as The Last American Soldier, this is yet another in the seemingly inexhaustible supply of eighties Vietnam jungle slog movies. Reputed to have the most exploding huts of any 'namsploitation movie, the director also throws in two exploding helicopter for us to enjoy too.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

The Bermuda Depths (1978) this TV movie starring Carl Weathers includes the unusual sight of a helicopter being destroyed by a giant sea turtle.
Spotted by: From The Depths of DVD Hell

Ninja III: The Domination (1984) there's an early chopper fireball scene in this nuts mixture of a ninja movie crossed with The Exorcist and Flashdance.
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

If Looks Could Kill (1991) The villain tries to leave at the end in a silver Aérospatiale AS355 TwinStar, which crashes... then turns over sideways, causing the rotor section to come off and "chase" the heroes like a buzzsaw. This one is so spectacularly, idiotically awesome and goofy I'm surprised it isn't listed already.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Cage II (1994) The bad guy's would-be getaway copter, the trusty ol' Bell JetRanger, is shot down with a rocket launcher.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Deadly Encounter (1982) The bad guy and his henchmen all use helicopters in this flick. First, a JetRanger is blown up with a flare gun fired into the open door by the heroine, and later, a Sud-Aviation 315B Lama gets forced down into a cliff by biplanes.
Spotted by; Kooshmeister

Legion Of Fire: Killer Ants! (1998) The swarm of killer ants of the title attack a Bell 206 JetRanger's pilot, causing him to fly into a cliff, Sheena style.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Warrior of the Lost World (1983) The good guys, flying in an Aérospatiale AS350 Squirrel, are pursued by the villains in a Bell 47. A good guy in the Squirrel blows the Bell up with a rocket launcher real good. It's also worth noting that while a  Bell 47 is targeted, an Aerospatiale Lama explodes.
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Godzilla 1985 (1984) An Aérospatiale Alouette III news helicopter takes a blast from Godzilla's bad breath and falls onto a crowded freeway... setting off a chain reaction of explosions as car after car explodes in an ever-escalating fiery domino effect!
Spotted by: Kooshmeister

Crocodile 2: Death Swamp (2002) - Mercenary Roland has a Bell 206B JetRanger III nicknamed Old Blue. It crashes after being pulled down by the giant crococdile, then after floating in the water for a bit with Roland still trapped inside it explodes.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Godzilla vs. Biollante (1989) - A few Bell AH-1 Cobras of the Japanese military attack Godzilla, and destroys a few of them.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995) - The G-Force's Hughes 369E gets wiped out by Destroyah's micro-oxygen breath weapon, forcing them to escape in an Aérospatiale AS350B Squirrel news copter that happens along.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

The Jewel of the Nile (1985) - When the good guys commandeer an F-16 from the villain's private air force, they have some... difficulties getting going. Specifically they can't seem to figure out how to take off, and so we get probably the only chase sequence involving a fighter jet that drives along the ground using its wheeled landing gear! Anyway, whilst indiscriminantly blasting everything around them in that oh-so-80s action movie way, Michael Douglas' heroic adventurer ends up hitting the villain's personal Aérospatiale AS355 Twin Squirrel sitting nearby, blasting it into bits.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Nowhere To Hide (1987) - The plot revolves around a conspiracy to cover up the existence of faulty engine components in JetRangers sold to the Marines. We really only get one crash though and the actual impact and explosion happens offscreen.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Telefon (1977) - A brainwashed man flies his pontoon-equipped JetRanger on a kamikaze mission against a US Navy radar base, but he gets shot down.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

The Protector (1985) - The hero, Jackie Chan, ramps a speedboat into a low-flying JetRanger, destroying it.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Narrow Margin (1990) - The bad guys attack the cabin of a mob witness (Anne Archer) when Gene Hackman's D.A. character comes to speak with her. Naturally, they do it from the air in a silver Bell 206B JetRanger II and can't hit anyone except Hackman's thoroughly expendable friend. Suddenly, the pilot of Hackman's helicopter (also a JetRanger II), parked outside, makes the rather ill-advised decsion to try and take off amid this, whereupon one of the gunmen promptly shoots at him until he falls from the sky and crashes. Boom! Stock footage of this scene was cribbed shamelessly for the '99 No Tomorrow.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

The Hitcher (1986) - In this film about a driver being tormented by a hitchhiking serial killer (Rutger Hauer), idiot local cops mistake the protagonist for the killer and make several inept attempts to kill him using a Bell 206B JetRanger III (Reg. N250CA, also used in Blue Thunder as a police copter and in Dreamscape as the President's copter). The killer, for whatever reason, decides to shoot the cops down from his speeding pickup with a handgun. I guess he hits the engine or whatever, because the JetRanger promptly drops from the sky and crashes real good.
Spotted by: Koshmeister

Operation Rogue (2014) This Roger Corman produced jungle action slog features Mark Dacascos Treat Williams and an exploding helicopter. The chopper is downed by a rocket launcher.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

The Hard Way (1989) An Italian financed jungle slog movie starring Miles O'Keefe. One helicopter is blown up through the conventional method of gunfire, however, there's one extraordinary scene where one is brought down through cub scout trickery. Our heroes sling a rope between two tress. As the helicopter swoops in low, they haul it up. The rope becomes lodged between the fuselage and the landing skis and brings the chopper crashing into the ground.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

H-Bomb (1971) Chris Mitchum blows up a helicopter using a machinegun mounted to a jeep. 
Spotted by: Blueprint Reviews

China Strike Force (2000) cops team up to take on international drug smugglers in this stunt-tastic action fest.
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

Skin Trade (2014) a crashed helicopter blows up when fire lights some spilled fuel.
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

Operation Kokongoliro! (2016) dubbed The Ugandan Expendables this ultra-low budget action film seems to contain insane levels of enthusiastic (if not necessarily competent) fights and stunts. It also features what could well be a contender for the worst ever exploding helicopter. I hesitate to call it CGI as it's not clear that the effects were actually generated on a computer. Witness the trailer here.

The Kill Reflex (1989 or as it is sometimes called Soda Cracker is a cop thriller starring blaxsploitation legend Fred Williamson. There's unusual exploding helicopter action in this one as Williamson uses his handgun to blow up model helicopters.
Spotted by: Bulletproof Action

Breaker Breaker (1977) Chuck Norris is one mean mother trucker in this HGV themed action flick. Predictably there's a lorry based chopper fireball when a semi plows into a helicopter.
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

Ten: The Secret Mission (2016) this Indonesian actioner features a team of deadly female assassins who have to rescue a high profile hostage. There's a chopper fireball in the trailer.

Hologram Man (1995) a PM Entertainment actioner so alongside the requisite car-flipping action there's an exploding helicopter to enjoy that's taken out with a rocket launcher. You can watch it in the trailer. Eagle-eyed viewers will spot that the footage of helicopter exploding was previously used in Firepower (1993).

To Be The Best (1993) This one happens nice and early in the film. One of our heroes irritates a local mob boss. They decide to teach the upstart a lesson and has him flown about the Las Vegas skyline while he dangles from a rope underneath.

The pilot is enjoying his torture too much and fails to notice the skyscraper in front of him. He crashes into the building while our hero is flung through the window on a lower floor.

The chopper is only balanced precariously. It starts to wobble then falls to the ground. Our hero has to quickly cut the rope before he's dragged down with the copter. When the fuselage crashes to the ground it finally explodes.

Cross Mission (1988) Italian financed b-movie jungle slog with an El Presidente plot line. There's needless torture, exploding huts and of course an exploding helicopter.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews.

Deadly Ransom (1998) villains make the mistake of the kidnapping the fiancee of one of America's most deadly soldiers. During the rescue a helicopter is shot down by a rocket launcher.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Bulletproof (1988) Gary Busey blows up a Sikorsky S-62 disguised as a Hind Mil-24 with a tank.
Tanks destructing helicopters is quite rare in film. Sylvester Stallone managed it in Rambo III, there's another example in Wolf Warrior 2, and weirdly Tom Arnold gets in on the act in Cradle 2 The Grave.

Solo (1996) Mario Van Peebles stars in this Terminator/Universal Soldier rip-off. There's a juicy looking chopper fireball when a pilot flies into a cliff. You can see it in the trailer.

Steel (1997) Basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal unwisely attempted to become an actor in this notoriously rubbish superhero movie. Alongside the terrible acting and ropey special effects there is at least an exploding helicopter to enjoy. Watch it in the trailer.
Spotted by: Lair of the Unwanted

Guardians (2017) upcoming Russian superhero movie - which bears suspicious similarities to The Avengers - features an exploding helicopter in its latest trailer.

The Protector (2005) aka Warrior King. Tony Jaa stars in this martial arts movie which has a puzzling plot that centres on elephant kidnapping. Still, action movie sanity is restored early in the film with an exploding helicopter. There's a boat chase, and there's a gunman aboard a Bell 206 JetRanger shooting at the hero. Our hero swerves his boat to a standstill, the chasing boat strikes the side of the boat and flies into the air where it hits the hovering helicopter. 
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

AmeriGeddon (2016) in a plot that could have been ripped from the headlines, terrorists aligned with that notorious vipers nest the United Nations aim to take over America. Fortunately, there's a bunch of gun-toting right-wing fruitcakes, erm sorry, patriots ready to save the country. The film ends with a helicopter battle in which the evil UN chopper gets blown up by an air-to-air molotov cocktail.

Crackerjack (1994) you've made a rubbish Die Hard knock-off set in a ski resort with the bloke out of Karate Kid 3. What can you add to the film to try and make people watch it? An exploding helicopter of course. This happens towards the end of the film when a chopper hits a flag pole causing it to crash and explode.

Crackerjack 2 (1997) Thomas Ian Griffith didn't fancy returning for this DVD sequel so the martial arts action star is curiously replaced Judge Reinhold for this Under Siege 2 knock-off. Double chopper fireball in this bad boy. They're destroyed when a booby-trapped train blows up and the two whirlybirds are caught in the blast.

Final Score (1986) after his wife and son are murdered Chris Mitchum goes on cinema's wildest, most unrestrained killing spree of revenge. The film ends in suitably over the top fashion with Mitchum riding a motorcyle off the top of a building, through a hovering helicopter just so he can drop a grenade into the fuselage blowing the whole thing up: classic.

End Of The World (2013) a group of Apocalyptic fanatics must use their knowledge of apocalyptic movies to save the world from a devastating solar flare. At one point a helicopter is destroyed by some strange falling comet thing.

The Mighty Quinn (1989) Denzel Washington plays a cop on a Caribbean Island who finds himself accused of murder and theft. Can the lawman clear his own name. Apparently there's a chopper fireball in there somewhere.
Spotted by: Kevin L Ferguson

Firepower (1993) Gary Daniels is a cop, in the future, who goes undercover to break-up an illegal (?1) AIDs vaccine ring which happens (fortunately for Mr Daniels) to be centered around an punchfighter contest. Somewhere within the mayhem a helicopter is exploded by a laser weapon. You can see it in the amazing trailer. The footage of the helicopter exploding in this film is reused in Hologram Man.

Sweet Revenge (1987) white slavery, counterfeit perfume, kidnapping are just some of the seemingly random elements thrown together in this VHS actioner whose sole purpose seems to be to have Nancy Allen and Gina Gershon run around firing machinguns in the Philippines. A helicopter is blown up near the end by a remote controlled bomb.
Spotted by: Comeuppance Reviews

Silent Trigger (1996) Dolph Lundgren plays a hitman who believes he's been double-crossed in this thriller directed by Russell Mulcahy. Dolph blows up a chopper by killing the pilot with his sniper's rifle.

Akira (1988) this Japanese animation was supposedly heavily influential. To us it consists of a lot of people shouting "Canada". Unfortunately it features an exploding helicopter so I guess one day we'll have to review it.

Lady Terminator (1989) An Indonesian spirit uses the body of her enemy's granddaughter to fulfill a 100-year-old curse of death and destruction. Low budget and insane Terminator rip-off which features a chopper fireball.

Blazing Magnum (1976) aka Shadows In An Empty Room. The great Italian schlock master Alberto De Martino directs this Euro-policier. It ends with the hero using his big hand-cannon to blow up a chopper.

Detention (2003) the plot can most easily be summarised as Die Hard in a school with Dolph Lundgren as the special ops guy turned teacher taking on terrorists. In among the school homework and dodgy dinners there's an exploding helicopter tacked into the action.

Godzilla Resurgence (2017) the Big G mashes up another helicopter in the Toho studio reboot.

Storks (2016) as unlikely as it seems, apparently this children's animation about babies features an exploding helicopter.
Spotted by: Bride of Crapula

The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) wise-cracking variation on the whole buddy cop genre featuring the dread pairing of Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds.
Spotted by: Bob Eagle

The Saint (2017) TV movie continuation of the Simon Templar character, notable only for the appearance of former screen Saints Roger Moore and Ian Ogilvy. About half way a helicopter crashes, before exploding a few moments later.

Kill And Kill Again (1981) this goofy martial arts fest features a Scorpion 133 being blown up. The villains try to make their getaway, but one of the heroes holds the rotor blades on the helicopter stopping them from turning. Some guards then run up and open fire with machine guns on the copter which then explodes.
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

The Incredibles (2004) A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world. Towards the end a helicopter that's trying to fight the big robot spins out of control past a window before crashing, out of shot, and exploding.

Red Dawn (1984) Exploding Helicopter has not verified this, but we're informed that there's a chopper fireball in this Eighties classic.

Missing In Action (1984) The Chuck Norris classic features a Vietnam helicopter blow-up.

Braddock: Missing In Action III (1988) abandoning the continuity of the first two films, Chuck returns to 'nam to rescue a bunch of Ameriasian children. At the end of the film the main baddie is killed in an exploding helicopter when it is shot by Norris and crashes to the ground.

Bigfoot (2012) a TV movie version of the hunt for the big beast. Features Alice Cooper and an exploding helicotper.

Dhoom 2 (2006) Bollywood buddy cop flick with a spectacular exploding helicopter. Our heroes jump over a parked helicopter on a motorcycle and drop grenades on it to blow it up.

Fire Twister (2015) horrendously bad, made-for-cable disaster movie starring Casper Van Dien. Towards the end of the film the villain tries to make a getaway in a helicopter, but it flies to close to the fire twister and explodes.

Hanky Panky (1982) Gene Wilder stars and Sidney Poitier directs this espionage comedy.
Spotted by: Forgotten Filmcast

Game Over, Man (2018) after scrolling through the entire film I can confirm that this Die Hard parody does indeed feature an exploding helicopter.

Yakuza Weapon (2011) Japanese comedy horror that features a CGI helicopter being blown up by a grenade launcher.
Spotted by: Rotary Action

Who Killed Captain Alex? (2010) Cult low-budget Ugandan action movie features an almost comically bad exploding helicopter.

Warrior Of The Lost World (1983) Italian action movie that features a Bell 47 being shot down by a rocket launcher.

Wer (2013) in this French werewolf movie, a policeman is thrown into the rotor blades of the helicopter causing it to crash into the ground and explode.

Mighty Peking Man (1977) another exploitation movie rushed out to cash-in on the Kong Kong remake from the previous year. At the end of the film, the giant ape swats away an attacking helicopter which bursts into flame, then crashes and explodes.

Afghanistan - The Last War Bus (1989) Italian action exploitation flick sees soldiers try to get out of Afghanistan aboard an A-Team-style modified bus. Two helicopters explode, the first chopper is destroyed in unlikely fashion after being fired at with a shotgun. The second succumbs to machine-gun fire.

Avengers Infinity War (2018) or so I'm told by a reliable source.

Dragon Hunt (1990) real life martial artist twins, play martial artist twins in this infamously daft action flick. We get to see a vintage example of one of the exploding helicopter genre's finest tropes. After our heroes fire on a pursuing chopper, it disappears behind a ridge before a massive fireball suddenly shoots up into the sky. It's almost as if they couldn't afford to actually blow up a helicopter. .
Spotted by: Doug Tilley

Riot (1996) Gary Daniels is inexplicably teamed with Sugar Ray Leonard to rescue the daughter of the British Ambassador who's been kidnapped by terrorists.
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

Hard Vice (1994) a cop thriller starring Sam 'Flash Gordon' Jones and Shannon Tweed. A helicopter explodes in slightly strange circumstances. It appears that the villain shoots with a handgun at a chopper that instantaneously explodes. 
Spotted by: Forgotten Filmcast

Future Force (1989) David Carradine plays a bounty hunter trying to restore law and order and in a dystopian future. Directed by the same guy who made Deadly Prey and the film features a chopper blow up by way of a bazooka.
Spotted by: Arlos Dad

Future Zone (1990)
circumstances unknown, but a helicopter explosion has been confirmed. 
Spotted by: Stone Cold Jane Austin

Skyscraper (2018) there's a chopper blow-up in Dwayne Johnson's Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno mash-up.

Aatank (1996) Bollywood film about a a small Indian fishing community discovers black pearls in their little part of the ocean, a local gangster orders his men to collect them all, unsettling the delicately balanced ecosystem. There's an insane shark related exploding helicopter in this film.

Our Kind Of Traitor (2016) a sabotaged helicopter starts to spiral downwards in the sky before it explodes. Wonderfully directed scene manages to make this chopper fireball seem like a work of art.

The Meg (2018) two competing news helicopters are trying to film the titular megaladon. For unexplained reasons, the pilots seem unable to concentrate on where they are flying and crash into one another. One helicopter falls into the sea and doesn't explode, while the other crashes into a ship where it properly detonates.

Biggles: Adventures In Time (1986) a helicopter is sent back in time to World War 1 where it gets blown up by a German bi-plane.

To The Limit (1993) action movie drivel starring Anna Nicole Smith. Features 2 exploding helicopters.

Shaft's Big Score! (1972) everyone's favourite private dick returns for another round of cool crime fighting. At the end of the film Shaft shoots down a bothersome chopper with a rifle.
Spotted by: Sudden Double Deep

Robowar (1988) Bruno Mattei's notorious Predator rip-off features an exploding helicopter.

Ring Of Fire III (1995) Don 'the Dragon' Wilson stars and gets to shoot down a helicopter with a pistol as he is dangling from the rooftop of a skyscraper.
Spotted by: Chaton Pute

Never Say Die (1988) New Zealand action comedy starring Norm from Cheers. Reportedly has an exploding helicopter at the finale.
Spotted by: Jim Winchester

Hollywood Boulevard 2 (1989) sequel to the aforementioned film, also features an exploding helicopter which is blown up by a bomb disguised as a mechanical wind-up dog toy.
Spotted by: Film Illiterates 

Maximum Force (1992) Joseph Merhi directed PM Entertainment action flick with an amazing cast starring Flash Gordon, Roper, Billy, and erm, Mickey Rooney.
Spotted by: Pod Hard

Deadly Target (1994) After Gary Daniels fails to shoot down a helicopter with a pistol an ally uses the gun aboard a warship to complete the job.
Spotted by: Chaton Pute

Bail Out aka WB Blue And Bean (1989) David Hasslehoff and Linda Blair star in this TV movie about bounty hunters. At the climax of the film The Hoff takes out a chopper with a grenade launcher.

Mad Mission IV: You Never Die Twice (1986) a helicopter pursuing a speedboat comes into hover just over the surface of a river. This allows the speedboat to race towards the chopper, jump from the water and knock out its tail rotor. The damaged whirlybird then crashes into a cliff face.

First Strike (1996) This Jackie Chan film features two exploding helicopters.
Spotted by: Top Film Tip

Race For The Yankee Zephyr (1981) adventure movie which sees a helicopter pilot try to salvage gold from an old WWII plane at the bottom of a lake. The film features a helicopter blowing up in circumstances we are not yet certain of.
Spotted by: Halo2something

Operation Red Sea (2018) towards the end of the film a helicopter is blown up by a surface to air missile.

Man On The Roof (1976) a cult Swedish action film is rumoured to include an exploding helicopter, although whether it actually explodes needs to be verified.

The Crazies (1973) apparently there is a very poor, unexciting, slightly offscreen exploding helicopter in this. We still need to verify this one.
Spotted by: Black Hole Movies

Kill Zone (1993) David Carradine stars and Ciro H Santiago directs this Vietnam exploding hutter. A parked helicopter gets blown up at some point in the film.

Small Soldiers (1998) Joe Dante's subversive artificially intelligent toys film features a toy helicopter crashing into a satellite dish.

King Kong: Skull Island (2017) the over-sized ape beats up about 6 helicopters.

The Incredibles 2 (2018) yup, it's got one too. Or so we're told.

Supreme Sanction (1999) straight to DVD thriller starring Michael Madsen who delivers a highly engaged performance demonstrating how invested he is in the material (JOKING!). Shockingly, the film recycles the exploding helicopters from the Nic Cage film Firebirds - tst, tsk, tsk.

Bolt (2008) word on the street is that there are two exploding helicopters inside the first 10 minutes.

Heaven's Fire (1999) Eric Roberts is pitted against Jurgen Prochnow's terrorist in this Die Hard meets The Towering Inferno mish-mash. Near the start of a film a helicopter crashes into the side of a skyscraper causing the inferno that traps our heroes.

No Tomorrow (1999) A major arms deal is going down, and three desperate characters are trying to get in on it. DTV legends Gary Busey, Gary Daniels, Jeff Fahey and rapper turned moviemaker Master P star in this action B-flick. There are two exploding helicopters in this film. The one where the helicopter plummets nose first into the ground is actually stock footage taken from the film Narrow Margin (1990). Later a helicopter gets blown after Gary Daniels rams a couple of vehicles with his car. The resulting explosion blows up the chopper which is hovering overhead.

High Ice (1980) mountain rescue action drama featuring David 'The Fugitive' Janssen. In the film's pivotal scene, a helicopter crashes into the side of the mountain and explodes.

Black Panther Warriors (1993) Korean action flick. Towards the end of the film, someone picks up a rocket launcher and blows a helicopter out of the sky.

Mission Kill (1986) Robert Ginty stars in this South American jungle slog. During the film he uses a rocket launcher to blow up a helicopter.

Northville Cemetary Massacre (1976) local townsfolk get vigilante on the ass of a sadistic biker gang.

Silent Action (1975) a police helicopter gets shot down as it confronts criminals.

Professional Golgo 13 (1983) a helicopter crashes into the side of a skyscraper in this Japanese animation.

Raw Justice (1994) after the pilot jumps out, a helicopter crashes into the side of a skyscraper.

The Silencers (1995) Long before Bruce Willis did it in Die Hard 4, Jack Scalia was showing us how to shoot down a helicopter with a car. After witnessing his buddy being shot by a gunman on a helicopter, Scalia speeds his car towards a couple of crashed vehicles. They - somewhat improbably - act as a ramp that enables Scalia's car to jump through the air. It smashes through the helicopter blowing it up. Even more improbable, is that Scalia survives with little more than a singed eyebrow.

Charlie's Angels (2000) I have no details, only the dim recollection that this information is correct.

Soldier Boyz (1995) this Vietnam throwback with Michael Dudikoff sees a helicopter destroyed after someone uses a remote control to detonate an explosive on a helicopter.

Assault On Devil's Island (1997) helicopter death by rocket launcher.

Royce (1994) There's a fight between our hero (James Belushi) and the villain (Miguel Ferrer) on a train. Overhead, a Russian Kamov KA-26 hovers, waiting to evacuate Ferrer. The baddie is all set to make his getaway by clambering up a rope ladder that's dangling from the chopper, when our hero clips a bomb onto his belt. Ferrer climbs up the ladder, but before he realises it's there, the bomb explodes and blows up the chopper. 

American Heist (2014) a helicopter blows up after crashing into the side of a building then falling to the street below.

Cat Run 2 (2014) suspected explosion needs to be properly confirmed.

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (2013) the pilot of this helicopter deserves to win a Darwin Award. For no discernible reason they fly too close to a crumbing ice shelf. The chopper is struck by a falling chunk of frozen water and explodes. Like, d'oh!

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) a number of Osprey helicopters are destroyed during the film's finale. Earlier, Sentinel Prime smashes up a number of helicopters in the NEST base.

Sweepers (1998) Not one, but two exploding helicopters in Sweepers. The first occurs when some not long for this world extras try to transport an experimental landmine in a helicopter with disastrous consequences. The second happens after Dolph fires a flare gun at a chopper. It's not quite clear what happens after that, but the whirlybird ends up crashing into the ground and exploding. 

Spriggan (1998) the helicopter is attacked by gunfire, it's then thrown across the ground whereupon it explodes in flames.

Special Forces (2003) suspected, needs confirmation.

Retrograde (2004) Dolph Lundgren takes out a helicopter with a handgun.

The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) the key scene takes place at night and you can barely see a thing that's going on. It's not even clear what causes the helicopter to crash and explode.

The Pacifier (2005) Big Vin uses a rocket launcher to blow up a helicopter. It's not the best explosion, but the helicopter does split in two which is kind of cool.

Operation Delta Force (1997) two helicopters are exploded here. The first occurs in somewhat uncertain circumstances. We assume it blows up after being hit by gunfire. The second occurs when Ernie Hudson sabotages the fuel tank. With fuel leaking onto the ground he fires a pistol to spark an explosion. 

Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire (2000) a helicopter is hit by gunfire. It attempts to land, but explodes just as it touches down. 

Octopus (2000) A helicopter is attacked by an octopus. Gripped in its tentacles, the whirlybird is tugged into the ocean where it explodes on impact with the water. 

No Way Back (1995) a Bell 206B Jetranger is shot down during a gun battle after which it crashes and explodes.

Moon 44 (1990) Confirmed. Some sort of laser weapon destroys a futuristic helicopter.

Killers (2010) near the start of the film, Ashton Kutchner plants an explosive on a helicopter. After sneaking away, he later primes and detonates the bomb blowing up the helicopter.

The Hunt For The Hidden Relic (2002) can be briefly glimpsed in the trailer. Method of destruction unknown.

Ice (1994) a helicopter explodes after a bomb that's onboard detonates.

Seal Team Six (2012) the Seal's helicopter crash lands at the start of the raid. Later, as they make their escape, they plant explosives on the chopper before blowing it up.

Far Cry (2008) A very elaborate exploding helicopter in this one. 1)Our heroes are in a car trying to escape the villains who are chasing in cars and a helicopter. 2) One of the heroes accidentally fires a spear gun through the roof of the car into fuselage of the helicopter. 3) The heroes car ends up being lifted off the ground by the helicopter, but the weight proves too much and the cable breaks. 4) Meanwhile the cable whiplashes into the helicopter, gets snared in the rotor causing the engine to explode. 5) The copter then spins into the ocean and explodes.

Dragon Wars: D War (2007) a dragon bites on a helicopter then tosses it to the ground where it explodes on impact.

Dreamcatcher (2003) Morgan Freeman's helicopter crashes into the ground after the tail rotor is shot-out. Earlier in the film a couple of helicopters are 'consumed' by a disintegrating alien spaceship. However, the whirlybirds DO NOT explode to our satisfaction, so we do not count them.

Death Train (1993) aka Detonator. A helicopter is blown by a burst of continued machine-gun fire.

Cybertracker (1994) rocket launcher. What more do you need to know?

Cybertracker 2 (1995) and in the sequel another helicopter gets blown up by a rocket launcher in a blink and you'll miss it scene.

The Naked Gun 33 1/3 (1994) This one sounds spectacular and involves a toilet.

This Is The End (2013) an out of control helicopter spins into view and then out of it. We hear it crash into the ground and then a fireball comes into view. 

Quiet Fire (1991) the hero sticks some explosives to the helicopter which he then uses to explode the aircraft.

Best Defense (1984) there are two exploding helicopters in this dismal, misfiring comedy. The film ends with Eddie Murphy shooting one down with a tank, however, earlier in the film we get to see a rare chopper fireball when one is destroyed in a computer simulator.

Bridge Of Dragons (1999) Two Mil MI-17s explode in Bridge Of Dragons. The two aircraft engage in an aerial duel. One is damaged by gunfire and explodes shortly after making an emergency landing. The second comes under gunfire from ground forces and disappears behind a ridge-line before exploding.

Catchfire (1990) aka Backtrack. Dennis Hopper stars and directs this thriller which includes a helicopter chase where the pursuing aircraft crashes into a cliff and explodes.

Casshern (2004) a steam-punk helicopter gets blown up in this distopian thriller.

The Chase (1994) Kristy Swanson shoots a parked helicopter with a pistol which then explodes.

The Crow: Salvation (2000) The 'Crow bloke' throws a car cigarette lighter into petrol draining from a crashed car. The resulting explosion sends a fireball skywards which blows up a police helicopter that has been circling overhead. 

Alien Siege (2018) The Asylum do Independence Day again. Marine Two is shot down by an alien spacecraft. It crashes behind a tree line and fireball is briefly seen. We later see the helicopter it's largely intact but scorched by fire. This is a very marginal exploding helicopter, but we rule that it counts.
Spotted by: Exploding Helicopter's Dad.

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001) Godzilla swats another monster with his tail sending it flying into a helicopter which then explodes.

Red Mob (1992) this Russian made action movie promises to destroy 17 helicopters and 42 vehicles during its runtime. The incredible trailer certainly makes it look like that's true. We're giving tracking down this film our top priority.
Spotted by: Evil Ricky

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2018) there are two helicopters destroyed in this film. The first happens when a kaiju damages a helicopter which spins out-of-control before hitting the ground and exploding. Later a Chinnock is blown-up by a missile as it takes off.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) a helicopter is clipped by Rodan (we think) it spirals off and hits a building where it explodes.

Sukeban Deka (1987) This incredible Japanese film includes a scene where a helicopter is downed by a yo-yo.

Fast Gun (1988) A helicopter explodes after being shot by a pistol.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) During the film's climax, one of the aliens rips a hunk of metal off the roof of a train and throws it at an attacking helicopter. The damaged chopper spirals to the ground, crashes and explodes. A second is destroyed when an alien leaps at an airborne chopper and attacks the pilot, the chopper then crashes and explodes. 

The Unthinkable (2018) in the film a car races towards a parked helicopter. The driver leaps clear seconds before the vehicle crashes into the chopper causing it to explode. Elsewhere in the film, three other helicopters crash but they don't explode.

Wrong Is Right (1982) this media and political satire includes an exploding helicopter when a terrorist's chopper is blown-up by police.

Icebreaker (2000) a rocket launcher is used to explode a helicopter.

The Last Of The Finest (1990) aka Blue Heat. This rogue cop thriller starring Brian Dennehy features an exploding helicopter at its climax.

Rambo: Last Blood (2019) In the Rambo series montage that plays at the end of the film, we see Sly run towards the camera as a helicopter from Rambo III explodes in the background.

Do Or Die? (1991) In this Andy Sidaris film, the heroines jeep is attacked by a helicopter. A rocket launcher operated by walking stick gizmo is used to deal with the troublesome whirlybird.

The Secret of King Mahis Island (1988) Filipino jungle adventure movie featuring an early appearance by Gary Daniels. There's also a terrific exploding helicopter involving a boomerang. A stick of dynamite is attached to it, before it's thrown into a helicopter that is pursuing our heroes.
Spotted by: Explosive Action

The Clown: Payday (2005) We can see an exploding helicopter in the trailer.

Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970) A Bell 47G is destroyed by a nuclear blast.

Coronado (2003) there's a whole heap of helicopter action in this film, but the scene we're most interested occurs when a cargo ship is blown up. Three helicopters which are hovering nearby get caught up in the blast. Sadly, we only get to see helicopter explode. We learn that the other two are destroyed through dialogue in the next scene.

Devil Hunter (1980) A couple of characters try to escape an island full of cannibals. They come under fire in their MBB Bo-105C Bolkow so bail out. The helicopter then drifts off and explodes off-screen.

Digby, The Biggest Dog In The World (1973) An Sud Est SE-3130 Alouette AH2 is used to airlift the titular dog, but the copter crashes and partially explodes.

Dinoshark (2010) An Eurocopter EC-135 explodes off-screen after being bitten by the titular shark. Someone quips, "We're going to need a bigger helicopter."

Epoch Evolution (2003) a Black Hawk helicopter is destroyed by an alien energy wave.

The Fallen Ones (2005) a Eurocopter 350 gets picked up and thrown to the ground by a giant mummified monster.

The File Of The Golden Goose (1969) A Bell 206 Jetranger is shot at and then disappears behind some trees before exploding.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005) In a first for Exploding Helicopter, we have to deal with differing exploding helicopter action across the different cuts of the film. In the original cut a helicopter is blown up when Reno and Rude blow up the entrance to a tunnel with IEDs. 

In the extended version of the film, released in 2009 as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete there is a chase scene during which a motorcycle jumps into the air, hitting the helicopter which crashes to the ground and explodes. This version does not include the tunnel chopper fireball sequence. Thanks to Piece of Tin for all the detail.

Fit To Kill (1993) in this Andy Sidaris flick there's a typically bonkers sequence where two radio controlled helicopters do aerial battle with one of them being blown up. Earlier in the film there's also a flashback to Hard Hunted which includes the helicopter that was exploded in that film.

Future Fear (1997) a Hughes 500 and a Boeing (MD) 500E take part in an aerial duel before a crash'n'burn.

Future Hunters (1986) A Bell 47G-4A is blown up by a bomb in this Cirio H Santiago adventure flick.

Hard Hunted (1992) the legendary Al Leong, piloting a rocket equipped gyrocopter, gets blown up by one of Andy Sidaris' lethal ladies.

The Interceptor (2009) a couple of Hinds blow up when they crash into each other.

Jack Hunter And The Star Of Heaven (2009) A Eurocopter EC-145 gets blown up after being shot at.

Jungle Warriors (1983) A Eurocopter AS550 gets blown up at the end of this film via small gunfire.

King Kong (1976) Kong swats at a couple of pesky Huey helicopters causing one to crash into the side of the skyscraper and explode.

King Kong vs Godzilla (1962) A Sikorksy H-19 Chicksaw gets swatted and explodes in this monster maul mash-up.

Lake Placid Vs Anaconda (2015) A Eurocopter AS350 gets picked up and thrown to the ground by the anaconda where it explodes of-screen.

The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997) A hidden bomb takes care of an Aerospatiale AS-355F1 Ecureuil 2.

Mega Python vs Gatoroid (2011) A Bell 230 is destroyed by the duelling monsters.

Millions (1991) Apparently there's an off screen exploding helicopter at the start of this film.

MonsterWolf (2010) A Bell 206L Longranger gets smashed to the ground by the titular beastie.

Mr X (1995) Yakuza gangster thriller where an Aerospatiale Alouette gets shot at and then crashes into a building before exploding. The footage from this scene is taken from King Of Gambler (1990).

King Of Gambler (1990) a female assassin shoots at a helicopter damaging the engine. The wounded whirlybird then crashes into the side of a skyscraper and explodes. The footage of this scene was reused in the Godfrey Ho directed Mr X (1995).

Never Give up (1978) A Bell 206 Jetranger is shot at causing it to crash and explode.

Hangar 10 (2014) An AH-1 Apache explodes in mid-air in this film.

Reptilian (2000) Word on the street says that 8 helicopters are destroyed in this Korean creature feature.

Shadow Conspiracy (1997) Charlie Sheen uses party balloons to knock down a model helicopter that's trying to assassinate him. And the scene is every bit as weird as that sounds. 

Sudden Damage (2003) also known as Cult of Fury. A Bell 206L-3 Lone Ranger is destroyed when a building gets blown up.

Time Lapse (2001) Re-uses the exploding helicopter from Narrow Margin.

2009: Lost Memories (2002) Some Black Hawks are zapped by a laser from an ancient stone causing them to explode.

Vexille (2007) We get to see the explosion of two futuristic looking helicopters in this Japanese anime. At the film's finale, our hero shoots the fuel line to a parked helicopter. The chopper blows up which knocks out a series of robots that had been shooting at her. Our hero then grabs a heavy calibre machine gun from one of the downed robots and uses it to shoot a helicopter the villain is trying to escape in. The damaged chopper ends up crashing to the ground and exploding. 

The Last Face (2016) a militia attack an aid hospital. One of the raiders fires what looks like a flare at a parked helicopter which catches fire and explores with rather a damp fizz. 

Revolt (2017) Alien robots invade. A helicopter is damaged and spins off-screen where it explodes.

Wolf Warrior 2 (2017) A United Nations helicopter that is evacuating a group of people is hit by a rocket as it takes off. The chopper crash lands and the passengers are helped to escape moments before an advancing tank fires its gun and blows up the wrecked fuselage.

The Darkest Minds (2018) an Osprey helicopter crashes and explodes.

Dancin' It's On (2015) this family musical puzzingly stars Gary Daniels and a character who sees an exploding helicopter in their dream.

Saaho (2019) This Indian action thriller contains an exploding helicopter during it's intense, action heavy finale. As part of an outlandish set-piece a gunman on a helicopter is firing at our heroes. He then accidentally shots the pilot and the out-of-control chopper spins and hits the side of a skyscraper where it explodes.

The Last Blood (1983) another Antonio Margheriti 'exploding hut-er' features an exploding helicopter when the hero runs away from a chopper fireball.

Godzilla Vs Hedorah (1971) two twin-rotored Chinnocks bite the dust in this eco message kaiju.
Spotted by: Karey Boudreaux

Village Of The Damned (1995) John Carpenter's remake includes a chopper fireball when the creepy kids use their telekinetic powers to crash a whirlybird.

The Prodigal Planet (1983) The fourth and last in a Christian armageddon, end of days series. A helicopter explodes off-screen behind a hill after being hit by machine gun fire.
Spotted by: Fred Andersson

War (2019) a sniper shoots out the engine of a helicopter which disappears off-screen before exploding.
Spotted by: Chaton Pute

Fatal Termination (1990) the driver of a car leans out the window holding a rocket launcher which he uses to blow up the helicopter.

Inuyashiki (2018) an out of control helicopter spins into a skyscraper.
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

Free Guy (2020) the trailer for the upcoming Ryan Reynolds film features an exploding helicopter in the trailer.

Cyborg Cop (1992) two villains try to escape in a helicopter. A policeman uses a grenade launcher (who knew they were standard issue?) to blow it up. The explosions is unusual in this one as it is contained within the fuselage of the whirlybird.
Spotted by: Catherine Brookes

Cyborg Cop 2 (1994) the titular cyborg blows up a helicopter using one of its weapons.
Spotted by: Catherine Brookes

Bumblebee (2018) a controversial inclusion. The titular transformer destroys a decepticon that has the ability to disguise itself as a helicopter. However, at the time of its destruction it is in robot, rather than helicopter, form. Ultimately, this presents us with a philosophical question. When is a helicopter not a helicopter?

Tiger Zinda Hai (2017) near the beginning of the film a helicopter is shot down by an RPG. The rocket hits the tail of the aircraft which spins away behind some buildings. We then see an orange fireball appear in the sky.
Spotted by: Dom O'Brien

Carnosaur 2 (1995) cheapo creature feature with a reported exploding helicopter.

Gamera Vs Gyaos (1967) Gaos shots a lazer at a helicopter which splits in half and explodes.
Spotted by: Joachim Andersson

Slash (1984) A real oddity of an exploding helicopter. The hero shoots the helicopter with his gun, but as it explodes the helicopter defies all known laws of physics and freezes in the air. Almost as if this is a low budget film and the special effects options were very limited....

Air Strike (2004) Four helicopters are destroyed in this film. The film reuses a lot of footage from Fire Birds (1990) including the climatic helicopter explosion from that film. 

Soldier's Revenge (1986) a helicopter is shot down by a rocket launcher.

Angel Of Fury (1992) also known as Triple Threat. This is rather a strange one. Cynthia Rothrock shots at a car which is heading straight at a parked helicopter. The car explodes, and then - for no discernable reason - the helicopter explodes.

Satin Steel (1994) a helicopter blows up off-screen in this cheapo Hong Kong flick.

Death Train (2003) after Bryan Genesse shoots the pilot, a helicopter crashes and explodes.

Magadeera (2009) this Indian action epic features a suitably over the top exploding helicopter. The hero drives a car at a hovering helicopter. He jumps clear of the vehicle which then hits a ramp so that it flies through the air before it smashes into the chopper.
Spotted by: LePopal

Colossal (2016) a helicopter flies into the head of the Kaiju monster.

Phantom Soldiers (1988) a helicopter is shot down by a machinegun.

Enemy Gold (1993) a Robinson R22 Beta gets blown up by a crossbow! Totally unique and cool.

Footrot Flats: A Dog's Tale (1986) unbeknownst to the pilot the helicopter is attached to a fence which causes it to crash and explode.

Gintama 2: Rules Are Made To Be Broken (2018) there are three crazy helicopter explosions in this eventful Japanese action adventure.

Cleopatra Wong (1978) the exact circumstances are unknown, but the exploding helicopter has been confirmed.
Spotted by: Kevin L Ferguson

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) an odd one this. A miniature helicopter drone that's also an explosive blows up after it fails to kill off the spiked hero of the film.

Delta Force Commando (1988) two helicopters explode in this Italian action fest. The first occurs when the heroes bail out of a badly damaged helicopter. Seconds later it explodes spectacularly in front of a cliff. The second happens at the film's finale. The villains getaway chopper is parked ready to go. But during a fire-fight with the heroes, it is blown up when they throw a grenade into the cockpit.

Coyote Run (1996) a bi-plane rams a helicopter in this rather unusual confrontation.
Spotted by: David Brook

Knights Of The Round Table (2017) in this piece of absolute hokum from The Asylum a giant, mechanised Morgana swats a helicopter causing it to crash into the ground and explode.

Getting Even (1986) During an aerial duel between two helicopters, the pilot of one is killed causing it to crash into the ground.

Opposing Force (1986) a helicopter explodes in a surprisingly sudden and violent manner after being hit by machinegun fire. 
Spotted by: Rock! Shock! Pop!

Skyfire (2019) in this Chinese disaster movie directed by Simon West there's an exploding helicopter when a chopper crashes into a quarry.
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

The Killers Edge (1991) also known as Blood Money. Wings Hauser uses a remote control device to detonate a bomb onboard a helicopter.
Spotted by: Rock, Shock, Pop

Assassin X (2016) Olivier Gruner, Martin Kove and Art Camacho all feature along with an exploding helicopter. This is destroyed when someone uses a remote control device to trigger a bomb planted onboard.
Spotted by: DTV Connoisseur

Greenland (2020) a helicopter is struck by a piece of falling comet. It spins around, before crashing into the ground and exploding.

Extraction (2020) a helicopter is blown up by a rocket launcher. Classic.

Red Fists (1991) Haven't seen the whole film, so don't fully understand the context, but this looks like a super interesting exploding helicopter scene. The first chopper blow up occurs during a chase between two helicopters. A man fires a machine gun from chopper at the other blowing it up. We then cut to a computer arcade where a small kid is firing a toy gun at an arcade and blows up a helicopter inside one of the games. Virtual and real chopper fireballs in the same scene. Weird.
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

Jurassic Attack (2013) aka Rise of the Dinosaurs. We don't know the circumstances yet, but an exploding helicopter has been confirmed.

Axcellerator (2020) a helicopter is destroyed by a rocket launcher. This is a very low budget film and the chopper fireball footage is borrowed from another film. But, despite racking my brains, I can't remember from where.

Blackbelt II: Fatal Force (1989) circumstances are unknown as of this time.
Spotted by: Evil Ricky

Conman In Tokyo (2000) a helicopter is blown up by heavy machinegun fire.
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

The Panther Squad (1984) Sybil Danning shoots the pilot of a helicopter. The chopper then disappears behind a ridge-line before crashing and exploding.
Spotted by: Forgotten Filmcast

Bird On A Wire (1990) a helicopter explodes after being 'sat on' by a small airplane.
Spotted by: Nik Green

No Safe Haven (1987) Wings Hauser sets out for revenge after drug dealers kill his family. At the climax of the film, a helicopter is destroyed by a rocket fired from another chopper.

Baaghi 2 (2018) One is shot with a mini-gun and explodes while the other crashes... but doesn't really explode since the hero Tiger/Ronnie is in it...he jumps out after it crashes. 
Spotted by: DJ Valentine

Baaghi 3 (2020) a tank crashes into a crashed helicopter which explodes. 

Alien 3000 (2004) aka Unseen Evil 2 features a helicopter that crashes an explodes after an alien jumps on to the windscreen.

The Burning Train (1980) In this Indian disaster movie, an out of control catches fire endangering the lives of all the passengers. Towards the end of the film, a man tries to board the train by lowering himself down from a helicopter. However, an explosion aboard the train blows up the helicopter and kills the man.

Megaforce (1982) this film features a flying motorcycle and an exploding helicopter.
Spotted by: Kurt Fastiggi

The Jurassic Dead (2017) a helicopter explodes without reason in this truly terrible film.
Spotted by: MJ Simpson Films

Hell's Bloody Devils (1970) the film's hero sneaks an exploding pen into a bag owned by the villain. He then boards a helicopter whereupon the bomb detonates and blows up a Bell 47 chopper that - judging by the frames for hospital stretchers - looks like a former med-evac helicopter.
Spotted by: Rock, Shock, Pop

Armstrong (1998) a helicopter is shot down by a rocket launcher.

The Stranger (1973) a helicopter crashes into a pylon and explodes. 

Deewane (2000) a helicopter chases the film's hero, who's driving a jeep, into a tunnel. The hero shoots the pilot and the one of the chopper's rotors clips the tunnel wall causing the whirlybird to crash and explode.

Fanaa (2006) One helicopter is blown up when the character Rehan leaves a grenade inside it, before jumping out and skydiving to safety. A second is blown up after it is hit by machine gun fire. A third helicopter is critically damaged, but we don't see enough evidence that it crashes and explodes so we don't count that. 

Munchen '72 - Das Attentat (2012) circumstances unknown.

Hotel Artemis (2018) A terrible exploding helicopter. All the rotary action takes place in the far distance, so we just see a rocket move towards a far off blob in the sky. The only reason we know a helicopter has actually exploded is because of a line of dialogue.

Aakhari Poratum (1988) circumstances unknown.

Doublecross On Costa's Island (1997) circumstances unknown.

Baazi (1995) During a finale that is more than a little reminiscent of Die Hard, the hero throws a fire hose into the rotor blades of a helicopter that the villain is about to make a getaway in. The hose gets snarled up in the rotor and - somewhat inexplicably - causing a malfunction that makes the helicopter explode. 

Macon County War (1990) aka One Man Army. A man fires a rifle at a helicopter which instantaneously explodes in a truly unconvincing special effect.

Taken Alive (1994) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. Reported to be a reuse of footage from Doublecross On Costa's Island.

Mission Istanbul (2008) Our heroes are under-fire from a mini-gun mounted on a helicopter. While the gunman is reloading, they run towards the chopper and leap on to the landing skis. They cling from the metallic struts for a few moments then let go. As they fall into the ocean below, one of them fires a handgun at the chopper which then explodes. 

Nightmare At Noon (1988) during a helicopter duel, a big Mil Hind type helicopter blasts its opponent out of the sky using some heavy duty rockets. 

Bad Ass 2 (2014) our heroes find themselves being chased by a helicopter along some mountain roads. Viewers with long memories will recognise this footage from Narrow Margin (1990). Anyway, after taking fire from a gunman on the chopper, Danny Trejo throws a grenade at the whirlybird which explodes.
Spotted by: Cex and the City

The Mothertown (2014) a helicopter explodes after being hit by gunfire in this Stoke set zombie film. 
Spotted by: MJ Simpson

The Zone (1995) also known as The Dogfighters, this film sees a helicopter explode after someone opens a briefcase containing a bomb. 

Penguin's Memory: A Tale Of Happiness (1985) In this surreal anime we get to see penguins fighting the Vietnam war. Two of the aquatic birds get picked up by a couple of helicopters, but one is shot down by a ground to air missile.
Spotted by: Jim Winchester

Today You Die (2005) circumstances unknown, but confirmed. 
Spotted by: DTV Digest 

Cyber Zone (1995) aka Droid Gunner. A helicopter explodes in unconvincing fashion after it's shot by a handgun. 

The Runners (2020) a sniper shoots the pilot of a helicopter that crashes and then explodes. 
Spotted by: Todd Gaines

Born On The Fourth Of July (1989) A Huey is hit by gunfire. It disappears behind a hill of sand and explodes out of sight.

The Destroyer (1986) aka The Devastator. Cirio H Santiago is back at it again in this jungle action flick. And what a wonderful exploding helicopter! Our hero is under attack from a chopper. The opponents trade gunfire, before our hero grabs hold of a landing ski as the aircraft swoops over his head. As he clings on, the hero pulls a grenade from his pocket. Pulls the pin with his teeth and then throws it inside the helicopter's fuselage. Our hero lets go of the landing ski and falls with implausible good fortune into a river that the chopper is conveniently over. After the hero hits the water the helicopter blows up. Perfect!
Spotted by: Chaton Pute

Bad Company (2018) a helicopter - pursued by a drone - crashes into a wind farm turbine and explodes in an unconvincing CGI fireball.
Spotted by: DTV Digest 

Rogue (2020) Megan Fox stars in this action film where an exploding helicopter can be spotted in the trailer. 

Killing Device (1993) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 

Diablo: The Race For Everything (2019) a helicopter flies into some entirely observable cables and explodes. 

Mr Billion (1977) a helicopter lands in the middle of a little league game and explodes. What could be more American?

Mothra (1961) Mothra - while still in larvae form - downs a helicopter by firing 'cocoon juice' [that's a technical term] at it. The chopper crashes to the ground and explodes. 

Vivegam (2017) The hero jumps off a dam. As he falls, he fires a pistol at soldiers who are stood at the top of the dam. Some helicopters come into view and he fires a short at one them which explodes. 
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

Swear On India (1999) also known as Hindustan Ki Kasam features some crazy helicopter action. There's an aerial battle between choppers where several get shot down, then two choppers blow up following a mid air collision. Earlier in the film a helicopter explodes after ramming a lorry.
Spotted by: Chaton Pute

Act Of War (1998) a helicopter gets blown up by a rocket launcher in this DTV Die Hard in a fancy building rip-off starring Jack Scalia.

To Your Last Death (2019) The hero decapitates her father. The severed head flies through the air and lands in the lap of the chopper pilot. Disturbed by what's just happened, the pilot wrenches at the controls. The chopper plummets from the landing pad. We hear it explode and see a brief glow but we don't actually see the chopper fireball.  
Spotted by: Malcolm

Bodyguard (2011) a remote control helicopter gets destroyed when it's struck by the film's star, Salman Khan.

Transit 17 (2019) a helicopter is shot down with a grenade launcher in this low budget zombie flick.
Spotted by: DTV Digest

Alone (2020) Amidst the chaos of the zombie outbreak, our protagonist walks on to the balcony of his flat to see an out-of-control helicopter spin across the sky into the top of a building and explode. It's the alone starring Tyler Posey.
Spotted by: Todd Gaines.

Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target (1999) An enemy helicopter is hit by gunfire. The wounded whirlybird swoops around the sky before - inexplicably - landing directly in front of a moving train. The locomotive smashes into the helicopter which promptly explodes. 

KA Hector (1994) in this Filipino action film two helicopters explode when they collide into each other. 

Big Zapper (1973) The female heroine shoots at a helicopter with her magnum '357s causing the chopper to crash and explode. 

Boss Level (2020) suspected, needs confirmation.

The Moon Mask Rider (1982) the titular hero grapples with the pilot of a helicopter. He eventually leaps clear and a few seconds later the helicopter explodes. 

Danger Death Ray (1967) confirmed, but circumstances unknown.

Orion's Belt (1985) Norweigan action film. Confirmed, but circumstances unknown.

The Sum Of All Fears (2002) No, it's the not the very obvious helicopter crash. But if you watch carefully you can see a helicopter destroyed during a sequence where you see satellite footage of a bombing raid on a Russian air base. 

Esmeralda Bay (1989) George Kennedy uses a sniper rifle to shoots down a helicopter only to be crushed to death by the wreckage. The circle of life I guess. 

Spyder (1988) a helicopter flies straight into a big chemical factory. The chopper fireball in this film was reused in Blackbelt II. 
Spotted by: Explosive Action

Heroes Stand Alone (1989) what looks like an exploding helicopter can be seen in the trailer.

The Sea Serpent (1984) a classic of the monster movie form, in that a dunderheaded helicopter pilot flies too close to the monster and then gets swatted by it. Like, d'oh!

Shakedown (2002) a helicopter is blown-up by a grenade launcher in this hilariously dumb cross between Die Hard and Earthquake. 
Spotted by: DTV Digest

Demon Of Paradise (1987) While searching for the titular demon, a helicopter hovers too close to the lake where it's hiding. The beast grabs onto one of the landing skis and pulls the chopper down into the war. The aircraft then explodes for unexplained reasons. 

Invader (1992) aka Naked Robot 4 1/2. A space ship shoots down three helicopters with its space laser. Earlier in the film another chopper gets blown-up after being fired on by a machinegun. No actual helicopters were used in the film. They were 5 foot long scale Huey model. The shell for the chopper was an unfinished leftover from the film Die Hard. 

Birds Of Prey (1973) two helicopters crash into each other and explode.

Nippa Ravva (1993) The hero speeds on a motorcycle towards a helicopter. As the bike jumps into the air, the hero leaps clear, and the two-wheeler crashes into the helicopter causing it to explode.
Spotted by: Bollyglot gifs

Black Shark (1993) aka Chyornaya Akula. Russian action movie that features a man firing a machine gun from one helicopter at another which explodes.
Spotted by: Russia Happens

Assault on VA-33 (2021) the exact circumstances are unknown, but a helicopter crashes behind a building and only the fireball is visible.
Spotted by: DTV Digest

No Retreat, No Surrender 2 (1987) a parked helicopter is blown up by a grenade mortar.
Spotted by: First Time Watchers

Power Connection (1995) blink and you'll miss this one. A helicopter is blown up after being hit by gunfire. The footage for the sequence is lifted from Fatal Termination (1990).
Spotted by: Michael Wong Gifs

Transylvania Twist (1989) presence confirmed, circumstances unknown. 

Female Fugitive (1975) a helicopter explodes. We're not sure why.
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

Attack Of The Unknown (2020) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: DTV Digest

Monster Hunter (2020) an Osprey helicopter is blown up after a dragon breathes fire on it.
Spotted by: Forgotten Filmcast

Radhe (2021) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Asim Burney

Army Of The Dead (2021) during the title sequence, a Chinnock crashes into a casino.
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

The Tomorrow War (2021) can be seen in the trailer.
Spotted by: Scott Ballantyne

Ape vs Monster (2021) a Russian scientist goes kamikaze and crashes her helicopter into the titular monster.

Megaconda (2010) an Apache style helicopter gets bitten and then crashes behind a cliff. 

Occupation: Rainfall (2020) two helicopters are exploded by alien laser fire.

Escape to Nowhere (1990) aka Battle Geese. A Huey helicopter explodes after being hit by gunfire.
Spotted by: Explosive Action 

Art Of Fighting (1993) this anime adaptation of a videogame features an exploding helicopter. 
Spotted by: Elwood Jones

The Suicide Squad (2021) presence confirmed, circumstances unknown.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021) one helicopter gets blown up by a soundwave and another gets tongue-lashed then crashes and explodes.

Blood Ring 2 (1995) A grenade launcher is used to blow up a helicopter before it can take off.
Spotted by: Explosive Action

Bhai (1997) after leaping from an airborne helicopter, our hero fires a machinegun at the aircraft making it explode. 
Spotted by: Bollyglot gifs

Fatal Conflict (2000) a helicopter is blown up by a rocket launcher in this ultra low budget Die Hard on a spaceship thriller. 

Ancient Warriors (2001) Daniel Baldwin and Richard Lynch star in this film where a helicopter is blown up with a rocket. 

Shin Kamen Rider: The Prologue (1992) A woman picks up a rocket launcher and blows up a helicopter which our grasshopper hybrid hero is dangling from. 

Alien Nation: Dark Horizon (1994) A crop spraying helicopter has been sabotaged. It controls are overridden by some sort of secret gizmo. It spins round and then, rather inexplicably, explodes. 

In Gold We Trust (1990) a Huey helicopter is blown up when it's rammed by a Japanese WWII fighter plane.
Spotted by: Explosive Action

Team America: World Police (2004) not sure of the circumstances, but presence confirmed. 

Assault In Paradise (1977) The villain, who has confusingly adopted Native American dress, blows up a helicopter with a grenade launcher. 
Spotted by: Will Kouf

Like A Dragon (2007) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Elwood Jones

Striker (1988) A Bell helicopter explodes after being hit by machinegun fire. 
Spotted by: Explosive Action

New York Ninja (2021) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Only Nice Things

The Matrix: Resurrections (2021) two helicopters attack Neo and Trinity. One fires a rocket at the pair. Neo uses his powers to divert the missile into the other chopper which crashes onto the roof of a building and explodes.  

One Shot (2021) a helicopter is blown up by an RPG.
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot.

Triple Impact (1992) everyone onboard a helicopter jumps out of it while it's in flight (into a river that's below). The pilotless chopper then crashes and explodes.

Frost: Portrait of a Vampire (2003) presence confirmed, but circumstances unknown.
Spotted by: Zak Santucci

Eye of the Eagle (1987) a Huey helicopter is blown up by a heavy machinegun halfway through the film. Although the Huey magically turns into a Jet Ranger when it explodes.

Eye of the Eagle 2: Inside the Enemy (1989) Presence confirmed, circumstances unknown. 

Eye of the Eagle 3 (1989) aka as Last Stand At Lang Mei. Presence confirmed, circumstances unknown.

Apocalypse Pompeii (2014) A helicopter is hit by a lump of volcanic rock that causes it to crash and explode. In a credulity stretching detail, the pilot leaps from the doomed chopper onto the roof of a nearby building.
Spotted by: Exploding Helicopter's Mum 

Squad (2021) The hero leaps from a helicopter, grabs hold of a rocket launcher that is also plummeting towards the ground, and fires it at the chopper blowing it up.
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

Deadliest Prey (2013) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Crap Film Club

Kolilakkam (1981) this Malayalam action film features an exploding helicopter at its climax. However, there's a tragic story behind the scene as the film's star Jayan died while filming it. In the scene Jayan dangles off a helicopter while fighting the villain. Not satisfied with the first take, Jayan decided to do another take. Unfortunately, the pilot lost control, crashing the helicopter and killing Jayan. 
Spotted by: Adheesh

The Stabilizer (1986) Hanging from the landing skids of the helicopter, the hero grabs a machinegun from the villain. As he falls from the copter, he fires the weapon causing the chopper to explode. 

The Tayo Movie Mission: Ace (2016) five helicopters are attacked by missiles fired from a Transformer-like car. 

Crystal Skulls (2014) two helicopters are destroyed in this film. The first by an EMP blast, the second by an RPG.

The Blacksheep Affair (1998) also known as Another Meltdown. A helicopter is destroyed after it's subjected to intense machinegun fire. 
Spotted by: Rutledal

Nemesis 4: Death Angel (1996) the titular Death Angel shoots a futuristic gun at a pursuing helicopter. The gun appears to electrocute the pilot and the chopper subsequently crashes and explodes. 
Spotted by: Rutledal

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021) a helicopter crashes into the Spencer Mansion for unknown reasons. 
Spotted by: DTV Digest

The Firebird Conspiracy (1984) A Huey type helicopter explodes after being hit by machinegun fire.

Cascadeur (1998) a helicopter explodes after ramming into a vehicle.

Nowhere Girl (2015) The female hero hides inside a building before blowing up a helicopter by firing a rocket launcher at it through a window.

A Day To Die (2022) A helicopter's tail rotor is damaged when a bomb inside a building explodes. The wounded chopper spins around, crashes to the ground then explodes.  

Commando Ninja (2018) presence confirmed, but circumstances unknown.
Spotted by: The Bad Movie Cult Podcast

Uncharted (2022) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Richard Hawes

Tough Cops (1987) While clinging to the landing skids of an airborne helicopter, our hero throws a grenade inside the fuselage. As he lets go and falls into the sea, the helicopter explodes. 
Spotted by: Explosive Action

Total Force (1996) a laser fired from a satellite causes a Sea King helicopter to blow up. 
Spotted by: Richard Hawes

Agent Game (2022) A helicopter that's hovering ready to pick up some people is destroyed when it's struck by a missile fired from a drone on the orders of Mel Gibson. 
Spotted by: Todd Gaines

Karate Raider (1995) A helicopter is blown up after a grenade is thrown into the cockpit. 
Spotted by: Richard Hawes

Thayagam (1996) aka Thaayagam.A helicopter is blown up when the hero rides a motorcycle into a helicopter in a physics defying scene. As the helicopter flies through the air the hero leaps clear of the motorbike which crashes into the chopper which explodes. 
Spotted by: Bollyglot gifs

Sharks Of The Corn (2021) in a world first, a shark leaps from a field of corn to destroy a helicopter. 

Crack (2000) a stock footage helicopter is blown up when an oil refinery explodes. 
Spotted by: Pod Hard

A Dog Called Vengeance (1977) aka El Perro. A helicopter explodes after someone leaves a burning torch underneath the aircraft.
Spotted by: Unsung Horrors

Crack Up (1997) presence confirmed. 

Super Force (1990) TV movie featuring a robot-looking thing exploding a helicopter with a futuristic weapon. 

Paw Patrol: The Movie (2021) Skye’s copter crashes into a large weather control drone near the end.
Spotted by: Jim Winchester

Dancing Ninja (2010) The hero uses a pelvic thrust to fire some sort of energy bolt at the tail rotor of a helicopter that subsequently crashes and explodes. 
Spotted by: Malcolm

Seattle Superstorm (2012) a helicopter is sucked into a tornado and explodes. 
Spotted by: Exploding Helicopter's Mum

Bury Me High (1991) A helicopter is caught up in an explosion. A grenade is thrown that triggers some other explosives that creates a blast that consumes the chopper. 
Spotted by: Christian

G.I. Samurai (1979) while a helicopter is in flight, a samurai slits the throat of the pilot. After they then jump clear, the pilotless chopper crashes and explodes. 

Vengeance Of An Assassin (2014) A train is derailed and as it flies into the air it hits a hovering helicopter which explodes. 
Spotted by: KrazyKatz

Airwolf: The Movie (1984) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: ChatonPute

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Tony Lyons

Full Metal Panic! 1 - Boy Meets Girl (2017) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Maximiliano Aedo 

Commando Squad (1987) Brian Thompson shoots down a helicopter with a rocket launcher.

Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon (1985) Villains, in a helicopter, are chasing our Lupin who is standing on top a moving train. Lupin shoots the helicopter rotor. The aircraft spins around in the sky before crashing into the roof of the train which is about to enter a tunnel. As the train enters the tunnel, the wreckage of the chopper hits the brickwork and explodes. 
Spotted by: Maxmiliano Aedo

Rage And Honor II: Hostile Takeover (1993) a helicopter is caught up in the blast when a bomb inside an airplane hanger explodes. 
Spotted by: Kain424

Hell On The Battleground (1987) a helicopter is taken out by a rocket launcher. 

Angel Of Death (1985) the villains downs a helicopter by firing an explosive tipped arrow at a chopper.

Top Gunner (2020) a couple of helicopters are destroyed by missiles fired from several fighter jets.

The Bees (1978) a helicopter crashes and explodes after the pilot is attacked by bees.

The Creature Called Man (1970) A sniper shoots a helicopter which explodes. The burning wreckage crashes to the ground where it is rammed by a car. 
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

The Gray Man (2022) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Joe Hallenbeck

Bullet Train Down (2022) an Osprey gets towed into the ground as it tries to stop the out-of-control train.

Carter (2022) Gunmen aboard two helicopters exchange gunfire above a speeding train. One of the choppers is damaged, clips the train and spins off into the ground where it explodes. 
Spotted by: One Perfect Headshot

P Storm (2019) a pilotless helicopter crashes into a lighthouse and explodes.
Spotted by: Wonggifs

Angel Force (1991) Dangling from the helicopter landing skids, the hero throws a grenade into the cockpit before falling into a conveniently placed river before the chopper explodes.
Spotted by: Unsung Horrors

Best of the Best 4: Without Warning (1998) a petrol tanker that is driving through a tunnel explodes after it crashes into a car. The ensuing fireball speeds down the tunnel and consumes a helicopter that is hovering just outside the entrance.
Spotted by: Malcolm

Last Flight To Hell (1990) a helicopter that's about to take-off is blown up by a grenade launcher.

Black Adam (2022) the titular hero grabs hold of a helicopter and throws it into another chopper. After colliding the two aircraft fall to the ground and explode. 

Monolith (1993) a couple of cops shoot up a helicopter that attacks them with machineguns.

The Vault (2005) a helicopter is blown up by a rocket launcher. 
Spotted by: Elwood Jones

Whiteout (2000) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Elwood Jones

Kill Mode (20202) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Malcolm

Chuck Steel - Night of the Trampires (2018) While having a dream, Chuck Steel imagines a scene where he's battling a ninja army. He rides his motorcycle out of a helicopter that's hovering near the roof of a skyscraper. As he does so, one of the baddies blows up the whirlybird with a rocket launcher. 
Spotted by: Malcolm

Pyar Ke Naam Qurbaan (1990) the hero throws a rock at the cockpit of a helicopter. It hits the glass and then the helicopter crashes into a cliff and explores. 
Spotted by Bollyglot gifs

Zero Tolerance (1994) a helicopter is rammed by a car and explodes! Boom!
Spotted by: Game Dot Film

Tamacha (1988) A Bell 47-G is hit by gunfire. The pilot lands the copter which then explodes. 
Spotted by Bollyglot gifs

Desert Thunder (1999) this film reuses the iconic exploding helicopter footage from Capricorn One. 

The Young Warriors (1983) aka The Graduates of Malibu High. A helicopter explodes after being hit by machine-gun fire. 

Skeleton Man (2004) While on horseback, the titular Skeleton Man uses a bow to fire an arrow at the tail rotor of a pursuing helicopter. The damaged whirlybird spins around out of control before crashing into the ground and exploding. Later in the film, Michael Rooker's character has a flashback to a previous military encounter where a helicopter blows up after crashing into a building. The footage of this chopper fireball is taken from the 1998 film Operation Delta Force 2: Mayday.
Spotted by: John Cleveland

Home Coming (2022) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Al Tran

Sabotage 2 (1979) aka Sabotage. Two helicopters explode in this film. The first suddenly explodes after being hit by multiple pistol shots. The second is blown up by rockets fired from a car that has been modified in MacGyver or A Team style. 
Spotted by: AntiChristian

Cop Target (1990) Charles Napier fires a machinegun at a helicopter that's just taken off causing it to explode. 

Thoongathey Thambi Thoongathey (1983) In an extraordinary sequence, the film's hero repeatedly rams cars driven by the villains. He then uses a giant magnet dangled from beneath the copter to stop the baddies. During the pursuit though the helicopter is hit by gunfire and it explodes after the hero jumps clear.
Spotted by: Bollyglot gifs

Om - The Battle Within (2022) aka Rashtra Kavach Om, the hero throws a chain over the landing skids of the helicopter and then drags the aircraft into a building where it explodes.
Spotted by: Malcolm

009-1: The End Of The Beginning (2013) The helicopter explodes when a female cyborg is drop kicked into it.
Spotted by: Malcolm

Godzilla vs King Ghidorah (1991) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Unsung Horrors

Lupin The Third: The Mystery of Mamo (1978) aka Lupin vs The Clone. A samurai goes up agains the spinning rotors of a helicopter and wins. 
Spotted by: Malcolm

Lupin The Third: Farewell to Nostradamus (1995) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Malcolm

Avalon (2001) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Malcolm

Dog Tags (1988) aka Platoon To Hell. A Huey that's waiting to evacuate some soldiers is hit by a rocket and explodes. 

Troll (2022) the titular beastie swats a helicopter which crashes and explodes amid some trees.

Silent Assassins (1988) Sam Jones fires a rocket launcher at a helicopter and yells, "Goodnight baby!" after it explodes. 

Drug Connection (1993) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Bollyglot gifs

Hell Hunters (1988) aka Rage To Kill, circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Big Kev

Ram Setu (2022) a badly damaged helicopter explodes after it's landed and the passengers have scrambled to safety.
Spotted by: Al Tran

White Noise (2022) As part of a lecture Don Cheadle is delivering, footage of explosions from old films plays out on a screen behind him. In one of the clips, a lorry rams a helicopter causing it to explode. The footage is from the 1973 TV movie Hijack. 

Thunivu (2023) Onboard a powerboat, our hero tries to evade a fleet of other motorboats and helicopters. Armed with a heavy calibre machinegun, our hero fires and damages two helicopters. The two wounded whirlybirds veer towards another helicopter and simultaneously crash into it, blowing all three up. 
Spotted by: Mathieu Jaborska

Nafrat Ki Aandhi (1989) a Bell 47G-5 explodes after it's hit by a shotgun blast.
Spotted by: Bollyglot gifs

Dil Kaa Heera (1979) the film's hero repeatedly rams cars driven by the villains. He then uses a giant magnet dangled from beneath the copter to stop the baddies. During the pursuit though the helicopter is hit by gunfire and it explodes after the hero jumps clear. The scene was later reused in the film Thoongathey Thambi Thoongathey (1983) whose producers bought the rights to use it. 
Spotted by: Bollyglot gifs

Warriors Of Future (2022) Two tiltrotor aircraft explode after they're attacked by the film's plant-like alien. 

Defense Play (1988) not to be confused with the 1987 film of the same name, in this film - which centres on a top secret government plot to use tiny remote control helicopters as weapons of war - two of the remote controlled copters collide and explode during an aerial duel. Earlier in the film, one of the remote control helicopters explodes for unknown reasons. 
Spotted by: Cannon Film Guide

Pathaan (2023) A helicopter's tail rotor is struck by a missile. It spins towards the ground, hits a bridge and explodes. 

Fat Buddies (2018) A helicopter flies into an advertising hording with the film's two heroes dangling from the landing skids. The film cuts to another character while we see an explosion in the distance. We then see the heroes in hospital covered head to toe in bandages. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Avatar: The Way Of Water (2022) In an early scene one of the copter-ships gets Navi'd from the sky.
Spotted by: Dan Sanguineti

Shotgun Wedding (2022) The villain's helicopter explodes when a paragliding parachute flies into the copters rotor blades. Unable to stay airborne, the chopper plunges into the ocean and can be seen to explode - albeit briefly.

Aces Go Places II (1983) Another controversial inclusion. This time a Transformer style robot - that's two helicopters joined together - explodes while in its robot form. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Suhaag (1979) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.

In The Line Of Duty 3 (1988) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by Derek Scarzella

Baoh (1989) A helicopter explodes after it's hit by an energy bolt fired by a cyborg-type character. 
Spotted by: Christian

Download: Devil's Circuit (1992) a damaged helicopter crashes into a building an explodes.
Spotted by: Christian

The Diabolical Schemes of Thadeus Jackson (2021) three CGI helicopters get blown up by the film's superhero powered villain who uses his lazer eyes to destroy them. Then a giant woman swats another CGI helicopter afterward.
Spotted by: John Cleveland

Fast X (2023) after firing a harpoon at Vin Diesel's muscle car, two helicopters collide after getting yanked together. Obviously, they then explode. 

The Amazing Bulk (2012) circumstances unknown, presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

American Raiders Battle Fire (2022) at least one helicopter is destroyed after it is hit by a rocket.
Spotted by: Wykah

Deadly Impact (1984) aka Impacto Mortale. A helicopter crashes into a cliff and explodes. 
Spotted by: Rutledal

Mil Gayee Manzil Mujhe (1989) A Bell 47G-S is hit by machinegun fire. Some rather dubious 'sparks' special effects are applied to the engine. The chopper plummets straight down, the pilot jumps out, and the chopper crashes into the ground and explodes. 
Spotted by: Bollyglot Gifs

Airline Disaster (2010) Driving along in his car, a man leans out the window and fires a machinegun at a helicopter that's hovering above the road. The helicopter explodes just as the vehicle hits the copter. The fuselage continues to explode as the car rams the wreckage over the side of a hill. 
Spotted by: Wykah

How To Steal The World (1968) cut together from two episodes of The Man From Uncle, this feature includes an exploding helicopter. 

Selfiee (2023) a helicopter explodes after being hit by machinegun fire. 
Spotted by: Al Tran

Insectula! (2015) In this creature feature a giant spider leaps at a helicopter which explodes as a result of the collision. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Naseeb (1981) A Bell helicopter explodes in-flight after a bomb that's onboard is detonated via remote control.
Spotted by: Talhat Mahmood

Wyvern (2009) a helicopter explodes after it collides with a dragon.

Full Metal Panic 3 - Into The Blue (2018) The third Full Metal Panic movie has an exploding helicopter (again using stock footage from the series). One of the Harpoon missiles launched against the USS Bunker Hill by Gauron hits a helicopter which explodes.
Spotted by: MaximilianoAedo

Jurassic Shark 3: Seavenge (2023) A helicopter explodes after a shark leaps out of the ocean and collides with it. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Cover Girl Models (1975) at the end of the film, a helicopter explodes after it is hit by machine gunfire.
Spotted by: Dokvader

Payoff (1991) a helicopter piloted by Harry Dean Stanton explodes after a bomb that's onboard detonates. 

Murder Mystery 2 (2023) the villain falls into the rotor blades of the helicopter causing it to clip the side of the Eiffel Tower. After that the chopper spins off out of control and crashes into the ground where it explodes. 
Spotted by: Forgotten Filmcast and Tribey's Movie Zone

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes (2018) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Pod Hard

Black Tight Killers (1966) one of the heroes uses a cannon that looks a bit like a barrel to shoot down a helicopter. 
Spotted by: Tim Fool

Extraction 2 (2023) a helicopter explodes after being hit by mini-gun fire and crashing to the ground. 

Biohazard: The Alien Force (1994) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 

Lady James Bond (1980) a helicopter explodes without explanation in the first few seconds of the film.
Spotted by: Elwood Jones

Gypsy (1990) A helicopter is hit by gunfire. It flies off behind a hill after which we hear a sequence of explosions which force us to conclude that the helicopter has blown up. 
Spotted by: WoJoDuke

My Fellow Americans (1996) presence confirmed, but circumstances unknown. 

Stonehenge Apocalypse (2010) presence confirmed, but circumstances unknown.
Spotted by: Exploding Helicopter's Mum

Fatal Mission (1990) aka Enemy. Tia Carrera blows up a helicopter by throwing a grenade inside the fuselage of a chopper that's just landed. 

Independence Daysaster (2013) Two helicopters, including Marine One, that are part of the president's chopper fleet explode after they're struck by alien drones. The helicopters are both Sikorsky SH-3 Sea Kings.
Spotted by: Exploding Helicopter's Mum

Fire! (1977) a crashed helicopter explodes.
Spotted by: Rutledal

Culebra, en el ojete del huracan (2011) a helicopter explodes after being hit by a rocket launcher.
Spotted by: Rutledal

The Flash (2023) presence confirmed, but circumstances unknown.
Spotted by: Wykah

Genocidal Organ (2017) a near future tri-rotor helicopter getting shot down by incoming missiles. 
Spotted by: Only Nice Things

Blood Warriors (1993) a helicopter explodes after a man fires a rocket launcher at it in this film starring David Bradley and directed by Sam Firstenberg.

The Wrecking Crew (1968) Dean Martin lands a small helicopter on the rear of a moving train. After he alights the copter it topples off the carriage, hits the ground, and explodes. 
Spotted by: Christian

Kandahar (2023) Gerard Butler shoots down a helicopter with a mini-gun.
Spotted by: Vice Victus

Inaam Dus Hazaar (1987) the hero blows up a helicopter by firing a machinegun at it.
Spotted by: Bollyglot Gifs

2025 Armageddon (2022) A helicopter is destroyed when it is struck by the swinging jaws of a giant crocodile. Then a giant robot shoots numerous helicopters out of the sky with its giant arm gatling guns. Then a Megalodon breached and threw a 5 headed shark into a nearby helicopter.  The Megalodon was at the time being chased by a pair of 6 headed shark at the time for added excitement.
Spotted by: John Cleveland

Lupin III vs Cat's Eye (2023) presence confirmed, but circumstances unknown.
Spotted by: Wykah

Behind Enemy Lines (1987) aka Killer Instinct. Robert Patrick stars in this Cirio H Santiago directed riff on Rambo II. At the end of the film a grenade launcher is used to blow up a helicopter.

Blood Of The Innocent (1994) aka Beyond Forgiveness. Hero Thomas Ian Griffiths clings to the outside of a airborne helicopter and sticks a grenade into the fuel cap of the chopper. TIG then jumps into a conveniently placed river and shortly after the grenade explodes destroying the helicopter. 

Air Marshal (2003) A Mil Mi-8 is explodes suddenly after it's fired on by a rocket launcher. In a comedic touch, another character who has been firing at the chopper with a pistol looks at his gun in a surprised way, believing they caused the explosion. 
Spotted by: Bulletproof Action

Shark Attack (1999) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Rowland

Blue Beetle (2023) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Forgotten Films

SFX Retaliator (1987) Chris Mitchum fires a rifle at helicopter that's pursuing him. The helicopter disappears over a ridge and we see the flames of an explosion appear. 

Megalodon: The Frenzy (2023) The titular megalodon leaps from the water and chomps on a low flying helicopter causing it to explode briefly.
Spotted by: Wykah

Ground Zero (1987) A helicopter duels with another copter and is forced to crash into the ground and explode.

Expend4bles (2023) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.

Don't Die Too Hard! (2001) aka as La Tour Montparnasse Infernale. Circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Price Burgundy

Gunpowder (1986) While dangling from the landing skids of the a helicopter, the hero tosses a grenade into the fuselage of the chopper then falls into the sea before it explodes. 

Target (2004) A helicopter can be glimpsed exploding after it's hit by the guns of a naval destroyer. 
Spotted by: Pod Hard

The Interview (2014) a rocket fired from a tank explodes a helicopter. 

Stormageddon (2015) a helicopter gets caught up in the titular stormageddon. It's forced down out of the sky on to the top of a building. It balances there precariously for a few moments before falling to the ground and exploding. 
Spotted by: Exploding Helicopter's mum

Combativo (2019 or 2023 depending on websites) the hero shoots down an attack helicopter using a rocket launcher. 
Spotted by: Richard Hawes

The Fast and the Fierce (2017) an in-flight helicopter explodes after it's clipped by a jumbo jet.
Spotted by: Simon Paige

Rampage (1997) the hero blows up a helicopter by firing a rocket launcher at it. 
Spotted by: Wojo Duke

Giantess Attack vs Mecha Fembot (2019) this Syfy Channel movie spoof features a helicopter that explodes after it crashes into a pair of giant breasts.
Spotted by: Pod Hard

Godzilla 2000 (1999) three helicopters are destroyed in one scene.
Spotted by: Akira Minute

Enemy Action (1999) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 

Ninja Immovable Heart (2014) two helicopters get blown up in this film including one that is destroyed by a spear!

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014) in this documentary about the legendary film studio there's a clip from one of their films in which we see a helicopter explode. 

Tiger 3 (2023) Shah Rukh Khan leaps from a helicopter leaving it pilotless. The chopper crashes into a bridge and explodes. 

Seconds To Spare (2002) One of the film's terrorists shoots down a helicopter that pursuing a train with a rocket launcher. The chopper crashes to the ground and explodes. 

21 Hours At Munch (1976) at the end of the film, one of the terrorists throws a grenade inside a helicopter blowing it up and killing a number of hostages.

Lupin the Third: Bye, Bye Lady Liberty (1989) Lupin uses a sword to cut a helicopter in half, after which the chopper explodes. 
Spotted by: Wykah

City Hunter: The Secret Service (1996) the hero fires a pistol at a helicopter which flies on a little while before exploding.
Spotted by: Wykah

City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart (1997) a sniper shoots out the tail rotor a helicopter. It flies around wildly, before crashing into a building and exploding. 
Spotted by: Wykah

GI Joe: The Movie (1987) A character is flying in an invented craft that is part boat, part helicopter. The aircraft is hit by a laser and damaged. The pilot pulls the pin on a grenade which they leave on the helicopter. They jump to safety whereupon the chopper crashes into the ground an explodes. What role the grenade played in the explosion is not clear. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Shooting Stars (1983) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 
Spotted by: Bulletproof Action

DC Down (2023) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Bulletproof Action

The Rookies (2019) The hero uses an EMP type device to fry the electronics of a helicopter. This causes it to spin out of control and ultimately crash to the ground an explode. 

Tarzan And The Valley Of Gold (1966) Tarzan swings a bolas with a grenade attached around his head before letting it fly at a helicopter. It attaches itself to the chopper which flies out of view behind some jungle brush before an explosion is sighted. 
Spotted by: Film Illiterates

Crossplot (1969) Our heroes drive a car across a series of fields as they try to evade the villains in a helicopter. One of the baddies dangles from the chopper on a cable firing a machinegun. The idiot pilot flies too close to some electricity pylons. The chopper is 'electrocuted' and explodes. 
Spotted by: Bill Rinehart

Voyage Of Terror (1998) A number of the crew rebel against the quarantine and take over the ship. The president orders in a SEAL team to fly in and retake the ship. The rebels open fire on the chopper with machine guns and shotguns. The whirlybird is damaged. It spins around for a few seconds before exploding. 
Spotted by: Strongboy

The Lion Is Ready To Jump (1969) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: The Atomic Elbow

The Goldfinger (2023) The film's central character falls backwards and accidentally fires a rocket launcher that explodes a helicopter.
Spotted by: Al Tran

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1979) an autogyro rather than a helicopter explodes.
Spotted by: Al Tran

Empire Of The Spiritual Ninja (1988) A ninja fires a heavy calibre machine that's attached to a jeep at a helicopter that's taking off after which it promptly explodes.
Spotted by: Wykah

Lupin III: Napoleon's Dictionary (1991) A guy with a sword cuts a helicopter into two after which it explodes.
Spotted by: Wykah

Lupin III: Prison of the Past (2019) A character fires a rocket launcher at a helicopter. The badly damaged whirlybird crashes to the ground where it explodes. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Lupin III: The Last Job (2010) Hard to say why the helicopter explodes from the clip I've seen.
Spotted by: Wykah

Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection (2001) a bomb planted underneath a helicopter detonates just after the chopper takes to the sky blowing it up.
Spotted by: Wykah

Lupin III: The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure (1995) a fight breaks out onboard a helicopter between the hero and villain. Without anyone at the controls the helicopter plummets to the ground and explodes, but not before the two characters jump clear.
Spotted by: Wykah

Birdy (1984) a helicopter damaged by gunfire crashes and explodes. The crash and explosion take place off screen, but an explosion can be clearly heard. Further, the camera cuts to the burnt out wreckage of the helicopter indicating that it has suffered an explosion. On this basis we have included the film on our lists. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Iron Eagle (1986) Soundtracked by the Spencer Davis Group's Gimme Some Lovin' the hero shoots down two helicopters using the machineguns on his fighter jet.
Spotted by: Wykah

Hangga't May Hininga (1996) Under fire from gunmen in a helicopter, the hero drives his car straight at the bothersome whirlybird. He opens the door and leaps clear just as the car drives up a conveniently placed pile of junk that sends the vehicle into the air which it collides with the lowly hovering helicopter. 
Spotted by: Wykah

House Of Fools (2002) As a woman plays an accordian a helicopter falls from the sky and explodes after it crashes to the ground. 
Spotted by: Wykah

The After (2014) Two helicopters collide in the sky. One of the damaged choppers disappears from view, but we get to see the other crash to the ground and explode.
Spotted by: Wykah

Superman Doomsday (2007) Three helicopters are hit by a laser. Two could be arguably said to explode, however, one unquestionably does as we see it crash to the ground and fully blow up.
Spotted by: Wykah

Crash Point Zero (2000) aka Extreme Limit. A bridge explodes and the fireball consumes the helicopter that is hovering above it.
Spotted by: Wykah

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One (2012) A helicopter is blown up after a bomb with a timer that’s onboard ticks to zero.
Spotted by: Wykah

Maginoong Barumbado (1996) The hero is driving a truck pursued by villains in a helicopter. As the chopper is tailgating the truck, the hero stamps on the brakes which causes the chopper to crash into the back of the truck. The copter explodes but the truck is weirdly undamaged. 
Spotted by: Wykah

Final Mission (1984) The hero blows up a helicopter by firing a machinegun at it.
Spotted by: Wykah

Ashaant (1993) The hero lights a trail of fuel that's been left by an inflight helicopter. The flames tear along the fuel into the chopper causes it to blow up.
Spotted by: Wykah

Pulis Probinsya II (1995) A helicopter is chasing the heroes who are in a car. They fire through the roof of the vehicle which causes the chopper to explode.
Spotted by: Wykah

Bala Para Sa Katarungan (1997) The hero fires a machinegun at a helicopter. The damaged copter lands. One of the villains leaps through the windscreen. They stand up and are hit by one of the rotor blades. The damaged chopper then blows up.
Spotted by: Wykah

Sword Of Gideon (1986) A terrorist throws a grenade inside a helicopter blowing it up and killing hostages
Spotted by: Wykah

Christmas Icetastrophe (2014) at 56m 10s a helicopter explodes in the distance near a mountain range.
Spotted by: SubTurreto

The Dinosaur Project (2012) A flying dinosaur collides with a helicopter. The copter crashes to the ground. The passengers scramble clear and the wrecked whirlybird explodes. 
Spotted by: Pete

Hanu-Man (2024) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: It's Me Ron

War For The Planet Of The Apes (2017) at the end of the film a helicopter that's far in the distance explodes in the sky.
Spotted by: Wade Garrett

Extra Legal (1999) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.

Mountain Family Robinson (1979) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Michael Willemse

Unmasking The Idol (1986) a stationary helicopter explodes after a baddie fires a rocket launcher at it.
Spotted by: James Williams

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (2024) An in flight helicopter explodes after being rammed by a motorcycle that's been ridden up a ramp.

Fighter (2024) apparently this film has multiple exploding helicopters. 
Spotted by: It's Me Ron

Madame Web (2024) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Wykah

Eagle (2024) the goddess Kali shoots down a helicopter in this Telugu film. 

Trained To Kill (1989) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.

Without Mercy (1995) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.

Blood On The Badge (1992) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.

Never Say Die (1994) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.

Terror Squad (1987) one of the villain's blows up a helicopter by firing a rocket launcher at it. 

Narco Dollar (1989) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed. 

Nature Unleashed: Volcano (2005) a helicopter is blown up by an exploding volcano.
Spotted by: Bulletproof Action

The Lethal Hunt (1985) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Dokvader

Order No. 027 (1986) while clinging to the wheel of an airborne Mil MI-4 the hero triggers a grenade blowing himself and the helicopter up.
Spotted by: Jim Winchester

Les Patterson Saves The World (1987) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.
Spotted by: Misanfrog

King Kong Lives (1986) the beginning of the film starts with footage from King Kong (1976) recapping the story. During this we see Kong atop a skyscraper swat a pesky chopper which crashes into the side of the building and explode.

Corman's World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel (2011) in this documentary there's a brief clip of a film in which a helicopter explodes. 
Spotted by: Wykah

I Am A SWAT Woman (2022) a helicopter explodes for reasons I'm not entirely sure of.
Spotted by: Wykah

Venom: The Last Dance (2024) one can be seen in the trailer.

Ashanti (1979) William Holden, piloting a helicopter, is shot. Passenger Michael Caine jumps clear. The chopper then crashes into a river and explodes.

Path Of Destruction (2005) circumstances unknown, but presence confirmed.